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Adventures of The Golden Princess Chapter 2

LOLA ***

“Just what has gotten into you today young lady?” As if you didn’t know. Then again you’ve been so thick lately there’s a very good chance you don’t. I’ve been so busy battling the other two I kinda lost track of daddy there for a while. And in that time he’d gone and become a blithering idiot. “I’ll tell you what got into me…” I had to stop and take a deep breath before I collapsed from sheer frustration. How could I have missed it all these years?  The fact that my daddy is a complete and total boob?  I took another deep cleansing breath and tried to speak like a rational human being and not the out of control psych ward tenant that his new side twit and her flying monkey have been trying their best to turn me into.  Once I felt part human again I finally looked at him, but I still gritted every word through my teeth. It was the only way I knew to speak these days without losing my shit entirely.

 “I’m not the one who started the conversation daddy, you did. Didn’t you teach me to be honest? Oh no, wait, that was nana and mama.” You on the other hand, have been nothing but a cowardly adulterous asshat. Oh how I wish I could say those words out loud. But there was still more left to be said.  “And since we’re being honest, I think you should tell Thing one and Thing two, to stay the hell out of my suite, and it’s none of their business who comes to visit me.” “And while you’re at it, you should think about getting your hag a back brace for all those years she spent working on her back.” They should change this bitch’s name to stirrups because her legs stay in the damn air.

“Lola hush!” My friend Jackie tugged on my arm to shush me. Genuinely afraid daddy might hit me. He wish; him and his hag slut wife to be.  She is also petrified of being drawn into the middle of our little family skirmish, which had started because I overheard Manipulator-Dora harassing her in my room.  I’d left to go say bye to my nana and this home wrecking sea hag had snuck into my rooms, which were way out of her way I might add, to confront her. Jackie is my only fiend, so of course she, and her daughter would try to alienate her. But that’s not about to happen.

I gave my daddy the death glare before turning to make my exit. I heard trampy junior stomping her way towards the stairs and had no doubt her mommy had ran up there to tattle before coming back down to stir up some more shit. “Well, until next week, enjoy hell without me.” I saved my last glare for the bitch before putting my arm through Jackie’s and going to the door. I couldn’t escape this living nightmare fast enough. And to think I used to call this place home.
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16 thoughts on “Adventures of The Golden Princess Chapter 2

  1. Please please please release it…!! I’m dying to read it all in one go.

  2. Awesome can’t wait for more!

  3. I am loving it❣Completely and totally hooked.

  4. Oh I do not like her father trying to take a farm away from his ex wife that loves him still Julian needs to help her we need nana to sort him and the stepmother out

  5. Holy cheetos! This bitch is awesome! I’m in love!

  6. Friggin heck….that’s all I can say….now I’ll be refreshing it every hour to see if Lola commits murder

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