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Adventures of The Golden Princess Chapter 2

 Maybe Jackie’s right, maybe I need to calm down. But this last debacle was the final insult. Jackie, my sweet, lovable, adorable friend, happens to be black. Her family is one of only a handful in the surrounding area for hundreds if not thousands of miles around. Who cares? That walking piece of dog offal had the nerve to call her an offensive name in my room, where she’d been invited. And when I overheard her, tried to play it off. She’s lucky I only told her to go eat a possum. And that I didn’t knock her on her scraggy bony ass.

I was so furiously lost in my thoughts and still feeling awful that the poor girl had been subjected to that in my home no less, that I had to hit the brakes hard when I came upon the unexpected bike at the bottom of the driveway.  Two things happened at once. My heart rate sped up and I lost all the air in my lungs. Not because I almost hit the gorgeous hunk of flesh that was just resting back against the bike with his legs stretched out in front of him like he’d just bought an empty field of fucks to give, but because it was HIM. Julian Astor. I must’ve stared at him for a good few seconds before the blood started flowing to my brain again. “I should get out of this car and wipe that smirk off his stupid face.” “For the love….he can probably hear you.”

Fat lot I cared. Lately everyone has been accusing me of being a bit of a chameleon, or as my dear friend Jackie phrases it ‘I’d flipped my shit’.  She has such a way with words our Jacks. But who can blame me really? I mean is life just destined to continually screw with me just for kicks? And if so, what the hell am I supposed to do about it?  I can’t just continue to let myself be crapped on, can I? It’s just not fair, the way everything gets taken away or destroyed, while I can do nothing but sit back and watch. And the boy-man lounging so carelessly against the bike was the first one to teach me that life lesson that I was way too young to learn at the time. That life sucks sweaty hairy balls and you live each day precariously balanced on the edge of one level of hell or another.

Since the days of his betrayal, the shit eating snake, my life has been going fine thank you very much. I hardly ever gave him a second thought after the first few weeks and was bound and determined to wipe every memory of him from my mind. After getting over the pain of that particular loss, I’d learned to protect my heart, to let nothing get to me and to never get too involved in life. And I was able to do it too, up until the time I came home and found my mama sitting on the couch howling with pain.
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16 thoughts on “Adventures of The Golden Princess Chapter 2

  1. Please please please release it…!! I’m dying to read it all in one go.

  2. Awesome can’t wait for more!

  3. I am loving it❣Completely and totally hooked.

  4. Oh I do not like her father trying to take a farm away from his ex wife that loves him still Julian needs to help her we need nana to sort him and the stepmother out

  5. Holy cheetos! This bitch is awesome! I’m in love!

  6. Friggin heck….that’s all I can say….now I’ll be refreshing it every hour to see if Lola commits murder

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