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Adventures of The Golden Princess Chapter 2

“I’m sorry Eleanor, I promise I will speak to her when she returns next week.” I heard him apologizing to her for what must be the thousandth time this week before I slammed the door behind me and left. Good luck! Those days were long gone, never to return. I bet he didn’t think I had it in me, and maybe I didn’t. Not at first anyway, when he first destroyed our family and broke my poor mama’s heart. But her last stunt was the last straw. She has one more chance to do some… “Grrrrrr!”

I threw myself into the driver’s seat of my BMW convertible and pulled my seatbelt across my chest as my best friend who eased into the passenger seat looked on. “Do you believe she had the nerve to call me disrespectful? She’s the one who disrespected me and my mom when she spread her filthy legs for a married man. And what was she doing in my room?” “Lola, you need to let it go. Your dad obviously loves her and have moved on, and I’ve heard worst than what she called me.” I glared at her but kept my mouth shut.  No matter what anyone says I will never accept the woman who hurt my mom. I’ve ignored her existence this long and hoped that she would just leave me be.

I’m not one to meddle and though not exactly afraid of my own shadow, has always been a little bit shy. There was only one time in my life, one person rather who could get me out of my shell…oh no you don’t. I dragged my mind back from the pits of that particular hell. Anyway, I’ve always been a rather unobtrusive sort, never making any waves, taking life as it happens. You tend to be that way when society labels you and put you in a corner because you like one too many cupcakes at dessert time. Says who? So, there I was going about my life, minding my own business, when this demon spawn from the end of Beelzebub’s butt crack traipsed her miserable ass into my orbit.  In other words, the tramp had an affair with my daddy and stole the only security blanket I had left. Not to mention what they did to my poor mama.

Daddy is lucky I even acknowledge his existence at this point. He owed that all to mama, the woman he’d decimated after seventeen years of marriage. The woman who still refuses to utter a bad word about him in my presence, while he lets that…that bitch faced troglodyte do much worse.  Personally I think mama’s being stupid. If a man did the things he did to her to me, I’d take my kid and get as far away from the bastard as I could, screw the law. I gripped the steering wheel in my anger and gored my nails into the smooth leather.
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16 thoughts on “Adventures of The Golden Princess Chapter 2

  1. Please please please release it…!! I’m dying to read it all in one go.

  2. Awesome can’t wait for more!

  3. I am loving it❣Completely and totally hooked.

  4. Oh I do not like her father trying to take a farm away from his ex wife that loves him still Julian needs to help her we need nana to sort him and the stepmother out

  5. Holy cheetos! This bitch is awesome! I’m in love!

  6. Friggin heck….that’s all I can say….now I’ll be refreshing it every hour to see if Lola commits murder

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