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Adventures of The Golden Princess Chapter 1

NANA *** Oh dear! My poor granddaughter. Sounds like she’s finally at the end of her tether. I tried warning my shiftless son a time or two here lately when I first saw the signs. But, he hasn’t been listening to me that well in the last couple of years. Not since he lost his bleeding mind. And certainly not since he got tangled up with that woman. My inborn and most natural instinct is to protect my girl. To stand in front of all evil for that little gem that’s owned my withered heart since she drew her first breath. But this was a long time coming and I’m afraid not even I can stop her now. I could only sit here like a helpless old woman and let things play out. Sitting on my hands. But if they mess with my baby… “Moira, what…?”  “Shh…” I put a finger to my lips to silence my gentleman caller as I strained to hear what was going on inside. I didn’t dare miss a word. Have to be on my toes just in case. It wasn’t easy hearing anything from my side of the house, but since I’d seen the storm clouds brewing, I’d headed out to my private gardens which afforded me a better view and put me within hearing range if the pitch of the conversation was just right

“Why don’t you go on home Simon? I’ll see you a little bit later.” I shooed him away with my hand as I turned my ear towards the fireworks once again.  I had to fight myself to remain seated and not go running to her, to shield her, but my little girl was growing up. Some things she’s going to have to face on her own. I always knew that her natural sense of propriety, of what’s right and wrong would one-day force things to come to this. My poor little mite has already faced so much in her eighteen years of life on this earth, that it was only a matter of time before she blew her top. I took a sip of the whiskey that I kept in my secret stash and watched my sixty-five year old boyfriend make his way through the backyard gate that separated our places. Well, sort of. His house was still a good few hundred yards away from mine. Through the wisteria covered gate out onto the green-green grass of the well-kept backyard lawn that ran between his home and mine. Onto the lake that ran the length of both our properties, and the little boat he keeps moored there when he comes calling.

I promised myself that I’d make it up to him later. He’d come all this way to see me after all. But right now my grand baby held all my interest. I was just waiting to hear the wrong thing from the other camp and then I’d get involved. 
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14 thoughts on “Adventures of The Golden Princess Chapter 1

  1. Alright I’m on board,loving it.

  2. see a couple New people to hate!

  3. Lola. .. You are my new super hero.

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