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Adventures of The Golden Princess Chapter 1

In the time that I’ve been shielding myself from their many barbs and the minefield traps they’ve left in my path I’ve also been learning just who they are. I’m afraid my poor daddy may have bitten off more than he can chew. “Have you lost your mind?” Sometimes I wonder the same damn thing. “Yes daddy, I believe I have. It happened at about the same time you lost yours and took up with this walking Red Light District.” Until now I didn’t know it was possible to be this angry and still speak with perfect diction. The more you know.  “Lola, that’s enough. You’ve gone too far now.” Oh you think? I haven’t even started. Funny, when you constantly take other people’s crap and do your best not to ruffle any feathers, everything’s fine and dandy; everyone likes it that way. 

But as soon as you grow a backbone and stand up for yourself, you’re the bad guy and they’re the victim. Well boo–hoo. I hope my words give you both a heart attack. Mostly I hope they teach this species from the outer dark and her demented spawn that I am no longer one to be messed with. I was breathing so hard I could see my chest rise and fall, just beneath my lower lashes. Far from abating my anger, the vase throwing only exacerbated my almost uncontrollable rage. A rage that has been building for as long as I can remember. A rage born from suffering one too many losses.
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14 thoughts on “Adventures of The Golden Princess Chapter 1

  1. Alright I’m on board,loving it.

  2. see a couple New people to hate!

  3. Lola. .. You are my new super hero.

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