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Adventures of The Golden Princess Chapter 1

But today I’d had all that I can stand, and it was about damn time too. I guess my burying my head in the sand and keeping a low profile wasn’t enough to satisfy their blood lust, so they had to poke the sleeping beast. Well, she’s out now and there’s no putting her back in her corner. I looked at my daddy, really looked at him for the first time in a while. I’d stopped looking when he ceased resembling the man I once knew. My eyes flicked to the troll bitch and back to him with disdain.  “I’ve told you before. That… thing is not now nor will she ever be my stepmother. I have a mother thank you very much. You remember her don’t you daddy? Your wife, the woman you promised to love and cherish?” The sea hag hissed as if I’d done her bodily harm and got just the reaction she was hoping for. My daddy, raised his hand as if to hit me, but as usual, thought better of it at the last second.

“Are you just going to let her speak to me like that? Hit her, I’ve never been so…” Oh she was really laying it on thick today. I wonder what her game is now? What is it that either she or her daughter wants that she had to put on this act in front of him?  “Apologize Lola. Or I’ll take your car keys for a week.” Oho, so that’s what they’re after. I’m pretty sure my daddy knows that’s not going to happen for various reasons. One, I’m eighteen now so those days of groundings and other such disciplines were over. And two, and this is the most important point here. Nana would skin him alive if he ever tried.  I’m not sure what tales he’s been telling this guttersnipe and her brainless twit of a daughter to make them believe that he could carry out all these threats, but it sure has been fun watching them run around in circles, trying to catch their tails.

Since I’d already broken out of my shell I decided I might as well go all in. In my first ever real show of southern rebellion, I picked up the first thing I got my hands on and threw the very expensive vase across the room, shattering it against the wall exactly between them, right down the middle.  It felt so good I looked around for another one. Maybe this one would knock her dogface in. Hurt my mama will you? Disrespect my friend will you? We’ll just see about that. It’s high time I stepped up to the plate.  Unlike what nana and mama thought, this mother and daughter pair are barely human and so do not conform to societal norms. In short the motel tramp and her trainee have the morals of a scalded alley cat and the fortitude of the devil himself. 
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14 thoughts on “Adventures of The Golden Princess Chapter 1

  1. Alright I’m on board,loving it.

  2. see a couple New people to hate!

  3. Lola. .. You are my new super hero.

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