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Adventures of The Golden Princess Chapter 1

“Look, I’ve already said it and that’s that…” “No.” Like hell I’m chauffeuring her entitled ass around like the hired help. She’d find her ass in a ditch is what will happen.  “I beg your pardon.” Oh, that tone that used to scare me, but now held no weight whatsoever. It sucks when you lose respect for someone you once held in high esteem, but…that is life I guess.  “I said no. I will not drive that simpering nitwit anywhere. Why don’t you hire her a driver? You’ve done everything else thus far. And you don’t ever need to ask again in the future, because it will be a cold day in hell when she parks her skinny ass in my car.” 

“The leather’s new, and I’d hate to have to spray it for fleas or whatever else she’s lugging around in that carcass of hers.” Like come really nasty crotch itch. You could’ve heard a pin drop from the two idiot people in the room. “As for you…Eleanor, this was your last warning. If you cross the line again I will not be responsible for what happens next.” The woman my daddy had thrown away his life over puffed up her chest like a Bantam rooster, but since I never had any respect for her, it didn’t mean crap to me. “Is that a threat?” If her face got any redder she’d get sunburned. What exactly is it that he sees in this walking free clinic anyway? “Damn straight it is.” I didn’t know when I woke up this morning that today was going to be the day. The day that I reach my limit!

Why is it that these things come without a warning? There should’ve been a parade of some sort to announce the day that I finally said to hell with it, and just lost my ever-loving mind all over my family’s great room. “Apologize this minute young lady. Since when do we speak like that in this house? How dare you act this way…?” “I will not apologize. What for? I am not sorry. That walking sperm depository had no right…” “Lola, I’ve asked you not to disrespect your stepmother.” Have an epileptic fit why don’t you daddy? Too bad for you today is the day I’ve decided to stop biting a hole in my tongue just to keep the peace that no longer exist in our once happy home. I was so mad I could chew the paint off the walls. I’ve taken a lot these last few months, in fact for almost two years my daddy’s new sow and her demon spawn have been in a running competition with each other to see which of them can piss me off the most. At least that’s what it seems like. Usually, I stay out of the line of fire by distancing myself from them both and inadvertently my daddy as well. But lately, ever since my eighteenth birthday to be exact, they’ve turned up the heat and seem to be on some new mission to drive me up the proverbial wall.
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14 thoughts on “Adventures of The Golden Princess Chapter 1

  1. Alright I’m on board,loving it.

  2. see a couple New people to hate!

  3. Lola. .. You are my new super hero.

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