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Adventures of The Golden Princess Chapter 1

But something tells me my little firebrand had finally broken out of her shell and I have the feeling that after today, this bunch are going to be in for it.  I started laughing at my own thoughts and had to stifle myself so that I could hear the end of what was going on in the main house, separated from mine only by a system of corridors. “Oh shoot, this just might get out of hand.” I fumbled around in my pocket for the new phone that she’d got me just the other day. I don’t know why, seems like it wasn’t too long ago that she’d got me the other one. But my girl is afraid of not being able to reach me when she goes to spend time with her mama, so she always makes sure I have the best cell phone and one that can get good service in our neck of the woods, which is rumored, some have said, to be way behind the good Lord’s back. I used that phone now to call for backup. “You’d better get over here fast. Our little chicky is having ten kinds of fit… “Did something happen to her? Who was it?” “Calm down it’s not that. Do you think I’d be taking the time to call you if something had happened to my baby? Why you’d have heard every siren in the county heading this way. No, just get to where you can see her, make sure she’s alright.”

“Is she still there?” “She should be leaving any minute now.” I’d just heard the glass breaking and knew that she would be out of there in the next five minutes or less. As far as they’d pushed her this day, I know how much she hates confrontation, and how badly she’d want to get away. Then again, the words I heard her yell after I hung up the phone had my eyes going back into my hairline. “Oh dear!”

LOLA ***

“Daddy…” Oh how I wish I could call you what you really are. A screeching baboon’s ass, “like I’ve already told you, twice in the last ten minutes. I have things to do today that do not include chauffeuring around your new daughter?” “It’s not going to take that long, her car’s just acting up and she needs…” “Daddy, you bought her that car less than three months ago for her birthday. Nana bought mine two weeks ago for mine. What could possibly have gone wrong with her new brand luxury car in that short space of time?” Other than the fact that mine cost twice as much, had custom everything down to the plates, and had everyone for about a hundred miles salivating with envy?  I kept the insipid look on my face that I’ve been wearing for too long now to remember when it started. It usually keeps them the heck away from me.
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14 thoughts on “Adventures of The Golden Princess Chapter 1

  1. Alright I’m on board,loving it.

  2. see a couple New people to hate!

  3. Lola. .. You are my new super hero.

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