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Tennessee Heat Chapter 7

She was about to take offense when he pulled up outside her house and instead of letting her out drove right back out of the neighborhood without letting her out of the car. “What’re you doing?” She looked back out the back window of the car as it sped away.

“Did you really think I would leave you there? Why didn’t you tell me?” She could have no idea that his anger stemmed from fear. Only the night before he’d seen something on the news about a host of attacks being carried out in that area. The thought that she might’ve been hurt and he’d never have known filled his heart with dread. “We can’t all live in Harpersville okay.” How dare he judge her because of where she lived? Why not? Her conscience asked? You do. Don’t you judge yourself and your neighbors because of your living conditions? She folded her arms and ignored his presence beside her as well as her own mind. Neither of them said a word, both lost in their own thoughts as he drove through the almost empty streets. For his part Chase was pissed at himself. He’d never asked about where she lived, too afraid of crossing some imaginary line that he’d drawn for himself. He couldn’t imagine his beautiful girl living in that hellhole.
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  1. I am loving this story!!

  2. Oh so good

  3. OMG … I hate that I’m so invested and only getting my fix like a over eater on pretzels just enough to keep me goin. But I love it

  4. More please

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