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Tennessee Heat Chapter 7

“You might as well tell me because I’m not letting you go until you give in. I know your plan little girl. You think that with my sister gone you can avoid me for the next few months because I wouldn’t know where to find you. I got news for you, that’s not gonna happen.” She saw that he was serious and that there was no way out. “I wasn’t…” His raised brow said that she could give it up because he was onto her. She caved and allowed him to seat her in the passenger side of his fancy car and belt her in before going around to his side.  She hoped and prayed that the worst of the neighborhood denizens would be elsewhere this time of night, but knew it was wishful thinking. Night seems to be when they come out in full force. She couldn’t bear the thought of him seeing her as trailer trash the way she’d heard Lisa call her more than once.

He passed her his phone as he turned the car on. “Here, put your number in there.” She lowered her head not willing to let him see just how pleased she was by this turn of events. She did as he asked and started to pass the phone back before it locked and his screen closed. She stared speechlessly at a picture of her face. He took his eyes off the road for a quick second, alerted by her sudden stillness that something was wrong. “Do you remember that day?” He looked back at the road as he asked casually like he hadn’t just blown her mind. All she could muster was a nod of her head as the implications of what she was looking at washed over her. “Why…” 

She remembered the day well. She’d been over playing dress up with Kimberly about a month ago. They’d been messing around with each other’s hair and makeup for some YouTube video tutorial and afterwards they’d gone down to the lake for a picnic. She looked carefree and…pretty. The camera had caught her at the perfect angle and it looked as though her eyes were staring right at the photographer rather provocatively.  She’d been hamming it up for her friend, having no idea that it might somehow end up in his hands. “Why? Because until your eighteenth birthday that was all I could have of you.” That was blunt, sorta. She wondered what he was not saying, though she had a pretty good idea. She finally passed the phone back and he dropped it in his pocket.

“You’re not going to tease me, call me a stalker?” Her face burned at the recollection. It was one of her favorite things to do, when they were just friends. When she knew she was safe because he wasn’t the kind of man to make a move on a seventeen year old. Now with the evidence of his interest staring her in the face she wasn’t feeling so bold. She just shook her head as she pretended interest in the passing scenery. As often as she’d imagined just such a scenario and what she would do if it should ever happen, she wasn’t sure now.
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  1. I am loving this story!!

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