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Tennessee Heat Chapter 7

“Did something happen?” She looked away from him so he couldn’t read her expression. “Tell me.” He persisted when it appeared that she wasn’t going to answer, and added a slight squeeze to get her cooperation.  She told him in bits and spurts about her run-in with Lisa and blushingly recounted her little stunt with the dance. He looked back towards the house, angry that she’d been so shabbily treated in his family home. “She’ll be gone soon.” He meant of course that Lisa will be going off to college in a matter of weeks. Annabelle looked down at the ground between them when she remembered her own sorry circumstances. 

“Yeah, she will be.” He heard the wistfulness in her voice and it bothered him. “I heard that you’re taking a year off. I don’t understand, don’t get me wrong, I’m selfishly pleased that you’re not leaving me, but I would’ve thought with your grades you would’ve got a full ride.” “Yeah me too, but apparently I didn’t have enough extra curricular activities to get me in.” It was something she hadn’t given thought to, hadn’t imagined that it would keep her out of college. Her reasons for skipping extra curriculum activities were obvious. She had to work to put food on the table and keep a roof over her head, plus most of the activities involved the other kids from school and they could barely stand her being at the same school. She didn’t say anything to him about that though. What’s done is done and she’d learned long ago that there was no point trying to change things she had no control over.   She changed the subject to something inane and they leaned against the rails of the gazebo talking softly as they watched the moonlight play across the water.  It took her a good five minutes to get comfortable with his arms wrapped around her from behind with his chin resting on her hair. But once she did, nothing had ever felt so safe, so…right. They got so caught up in their conversation that neither noticed that time had flown by. Not until they heard Kimberly calling out to them. “Oh crap, it’s late.” A quick look at her Timex told her she had to get going if she intended to make the last trolley of the night. 

She said a quick goodbye to Kimberly, promising to see her some time in the next few weeks before she left but as she tried to make her escape he stopped her.  “I really have to go Chase or I’ll miss the trolley.” He didn’t let go of her hand, but kissed his sister’s cheek and told her where he’d left her gift before pulling Annabelle along behind him. “Where do you live? I’ll take you home.” She hesitated. No way in hell did she want him seeing where she lived. How could she live down the shame? She couldn’t come up with a plausible excuse quick enough and so found herself heading to his car. Not that she had a choice since he had yet to release the hold he had on her hand.
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  1. I am loving this story!!

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