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Tennessee Heat Chapter 9

Suddenly someone came at her from the side and darted into the middle of the road. The person stood in her way, and she’d made up her mind to mow him down before she realized it was Tim.  She almost jumped shrieking into his arms her body close to giving out. He lifted her against him, and before she could stop him tried to kiss her. Was he insane? “You bastard let go of me.” She growled as fresh tears of frustration fell from her eyes.  “Play along Annabelle unless you want them to take you.” 

She didn’t know why she trusted him but she did. Although he had a silly crush on her, he’d never done anything to make her wary of him. “Where you been girl? I told you about keeping me waiting? Get your ass home.” There was a shout of laughter from some of the women who were now standing in their doorways, and the thugs who’d been chasing her stopped their mad dash to reach her. Annabelle, looking up, mouthed a silent thank you before trying to extricate herself from his hold. Tim had grown up here and though he was nothing like the others, he and they were friends. She wasn’t sure how well his little ploy had worked or how long it would last, so she didn’t risk hanging around to find out. She kept her head down as she walked the few steps to her door. Once inside she crumbled to the floor in front of the closed door, no longer able to move. 

Her body refused to obey her and she just sat there and cried at how close she’d come to being assaulted. Chase was right; it was no longer safe for her to be here. She had to get out some way somehow. But what about her mother? The woman might not be much of one, but she was all she had. She couldn’t just leave her here, and she knew her mother would never leave.  She’ll have to come up with something though, because she was pretty sure next time she won’t be so lucky. She didn’t trust them not to see through Tim’s ploy sooner or later.
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19 thoughts on “Tennessee Heat Chapter 9

  1. Thank you for bringing this story back ! So far it’s really good !

  2. Love this book aleady! I started reading it last year on Watt Pad and was disappointed when it was taken off of there. I am so glad to see it on here and can’t wait for the rest of the book!

  3. Thank you for spending the time releasing chapters this past weekend. Perfect weather to snuggle up with a great book and I’m already in love with this one. It’s so good. I just hope that she quickly realizes that Chase has real feelings for her and Chase soon becomes the over protective, Jordan Silver alpha male we all know and love. I’m so excited to finally read the rest!

  4. Totally love it. Cannot wait for full book.

  5. When will the book be released? I die!!

  6. This a terrific story!! It’s torture waiting for the next chapter! Thank you for releasing so much of the book. Have a great Sunday. p.s. I am definitely buying this book when you release it.

  7. It’s getting good can’t wait to read more

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