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Tennessee Heat Chapter 9

And that made her sound like the most horrible person. Like she was stringing him along somehow, and that was not her intention.

 She saw the shadow fall across her path before the hand came out to stop her. It all happened so fast she didn’t have time to avoid his filthy touch. She didn’t have to look up to know who it was; his scent gave him away. It was Dirk of course, the bane of her existence.  She opened her mouth to blast him but he grabbed her arm and tried pulling her into him. “Let go of me.”  She tried tugging away from him while his hand started to travel up beneath her skirt. “I told you we were gonna have some fun,” he tried kissing her neck.  “Get off of me!’ said Annabelle, pushing him away, none too gently. He stumbled and almost fell on his ass, but at least he was no longer touching her.

“You bitch.” He made a grab for her, but she evaded his hands, only to end up in the path of yet another asshole.  “Yeah, let’s teach this bitch a lesson she won’t soon forget. Thinks she’s better than us.” That accusation came from yet another one, who came running up to her.  “I’ll knee you in the balls!’ said Annabelle, forcefully, as she dodged him. “Hold her Sammy” cried Dirk, “I’m through playing with this bitch.”  “Get away from me, leave me alone!” She screamed, beginning to run, her heart in her lungs as fear threatened to slow her down. “Come on, you assholes, she’s getting away.” She dodged their outstretched arms, as she ran full out or as much as she could in heels. She couldn’t stop long enough to get them off or she’d be caught for sure.  But if she didn’t take them off she wasn’t going to make it to her door. Why hadn’t she listened to Chase and stayed put? She threw a quick look over her shoulder to judge the distance between her and the closest of her would be attackers. 

She took a chance and pulled off one shoe while still in motion which wasn’t the easiest thing to do. She dragged off the other one and then, with one last look over her shoulder took off running.  She could hear the pounding of their feet on the pavement as they chased after her, shouting, yelling and calling her names in between bouts of wild laughter.  A few people peeped out their windows from behind curtains and some brave souls even opened their doors. But not one of them made a move to help her.  Tears filled her eyes when she realized that there was no one to save her. The thought of them catching up to her and doing who knows what seemed to give her needed strength. With one last look back she picked up speed and ran like the wind. Don’t look back; don’t look back. For the first time in her life she was glad her neighbors were drug-addled deadbeats, the drugs seemed to have slowed them down.
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19 thoughts on “Tennessee Heat Chapter 9

  1. Thank you for bringing this story back ! So far it’s really good !

  2. Love this book aleady! I started reading it last year on Watt Pad and was disappointed when it was taken off of there. I am so glad to see it on here and can’t wait for the rest of the book!

  3. Thank you for spending the time releasing chapters this past weekend. Perfect weather to snuggle up with a great book and I’m already in love with this one. It’s so good. I just hope that she quickly realizes that Chase has real feelings for her and Chase soon becomes the over protective, Jordan Silver alpha male we all know and love. I’m so excited to finally read the rest!

  4. Totally love it. Cannot wait for full book.

  5. When will the book be released? I die!!

  6. This a terrific story!! It’s torture waiting for the next chapter! Thank you for releasing so much of the book. Have a great Sunday. p.s. I am definitely buying this book when you release it.

  7. It’s getting good can’t wait to read more

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