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Tennessee Heat Chapter 9

Before she could move away again he pulled her into his chest. She braced for the effect of his kiss on her senses but all he did was brush his lips gently against the corner of her mouth.  It was still enough to make her weak and she walked away on trembling legs. She was afraid to look back to see if he was still standing there. And even more afraid that if she did she might be tempted to stay. Chase was mad at himself for the way things had ended. He’d forgotten last night when he brought her home with him that he had other pressing obligations, and though she was coming to be the most precious thing in his life, he wasn’t one to shirk his responsibilities.  Especially not when it meant disappointing some young kids who’d already faced more than their fair share of that emotion.

He went back inside, missing her already, and got dressed for the day. Before he left he walked into the guestroom and found the shirt he’d given her to sleep in. He lifted it to his nose, still warm from her body and inhaled her scent. “Soon!” He forced himself to put her out of his mind for now as he headed down to the car. A quick look when he drove by the front of the building showed that she was already gone and he felt a little disappointed that he wouldn’t get one last look at her. On the other side of town Annabelle climbed out of the cab after paying the driver. She stashed the rest of the money in her purse intending to give it back to him later. 

She felt very inconspicuous and exposed as she walked down the street in her party dress. She might’ve been better off in the tee shirt. It was still relatively early in the morning and not that many people were out and about, but she felt sick when she turned the corner and saw just who was roaming the streets. I guess drugs mess with your sleep schedule, she thought. She tugged at the bottom of her dress trying pointlessly to make it longer. She hoped against hope that she wouldn’t come to anyone’s attention, but knew it was too much to ask.  She kept her head down and averted in the hopes of making it to her door without incident. Somehow home seemed much farther away than usual and she couldn’t shake the nasty feeling that grew in the pit of her stomach at the first whistle. With each step she was beginning to regret her decision more and more. It would’ve been so easy to accept his offer and stay with him, and that’s exactly why she’d left.  She was convinced in her mind that if she didn’t jump into his bed first chance she got, maybe he’d stick around a little longer.
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19 thoughts on “Tennessee Heat Chapter 9

  1. Thank you for bringing this story back ! So far it’s really good !

  2. Love this book aleady! I started reading it last year on Watt Pad and was disappointed when it was taken off of there. I am so glad to see it on here and can’t wait for the rest of the book!

  3. Thank you for spending the time releasing chapters this past weekend. Perfect weather to snuggle up with a great book and I’m already in love with this one. It’s so good. I just hope that she quickly realizes that Chase has real feelings for her and Chase soon becomes the over protective, Jordan Silver alpha male we all know and love. I’m so excited to finally read the rest!

  4. Totally love it. Cannot wait for full book.

  5. When will the book be released? I die!!

  6. This a terrific story!! It’s torture waiting for the next chapter! Thank you for releasing so much of the book. Have a great Sunday. p.s. I am definitely buying this book when you release it.

  7. It’s getting good can’t wait to read more

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