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Tennessee Heat Chapter 9

There’ll be other opportunities to spend time with her, he’ll make sure of it. He had another problem now though. Her home was in the opposite direction from where he needed to be and he was already running late.

“I’ll call you a cab.” She didn’t bother telling him that no cab would go to her neighborhood, so when he called she gave an address a few streets away. She ignored his questioning look when he realized that it wasn’t her home address and went to find her shoes, which she’d left at the door. “I really wish you’d stay.” He wished there was someone he could call to take his place with the kids, but then he felt guilty for his thoughts. He’d made a commitment and if there was one thing he was good at, it was following through. That struggle went on inside him as he watched her beautiful face, still soft from sleep. The thought of her, being in that place, left him cold. He was mad at himself for moving so slow in claiming her.

The sooner he makes her his the faster he can get her out of there. Her little face was so precious when she looked at him with her shoes in her hand. His heart squeezed in his chest, and not for the first time he wondered how the hell people survived this love mess. “I should be getting home anyway my mother will be worried.” She looked away after uttering that lie.  Seeing him and his family together, she could only imagine his disgust if he knew the truth about her strained relationship with her mom. He looked back at his watch again, wondering if he should risk driving her home and getting back to the other side of town. It would make him almost two hours late, but… “Dammit!” He swore and ran his hand through his hair roughly. “I’ll call you later.” He didn’t realize the anger in his voice was misleading, that the young insecure girl before him might think for one second that it was aimed at her.  

She couldn’t get out of there fast enough since he seemed to be in a hurry to be rid of her. “I’ll wait for the cab downstairs.”  She rushed out the door ignoring his call for her to wait. He flew out of the door behind her all the same.  “Here, you’ll need this to pay the cab. I’m going to call you when I’m done, answer the phone.” He pushed the money into her hand and she felt a little sick. She hadn’t done anything immoral, but somehow it felt wrong taking his money. He seemed to read her mind as he folded her fist around the bills. “Don’t be an idiot. I brought you here didn’t I? It’s only fair I pay for you to get back home since I can’t take you myself.”  
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19 thoughts on “Tennessee Heat Chapter 9

  1. Thank you for bringing this story back ! So far it’s really good !

  2. Love this book aleady! I started reading it last year on Watt Pad and was disappointed when it was taken off of there. I am so glad to see it on here and can’t wait for the rest of the book!

  3. Thank you for spending the time releasing chapters this past weekend. Perfect weather to snuggle up with a great book and I’m already in love with this one. It’s so good. I just hope that she quickly realizes that Chase has real feelings for her and Chase soon becomes the over protective, Jordan Silver alpha male we all know and love. I’m so excited to finally read the rest!

  4. Totally love it. Cannot wait for full book.

  5. When will the book be released? I die!!

  6. This a terrific story!! It’s torture waiting for the next chapter! Thank you for releasing so much of the book. Have a great Sunday. p.s. I am definitely buying this book when you release it.

  7. It’s getting good can’t wait to read more

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