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Tennessee Heat Chapter 5

“I’ll be right back.” Kim whispered in her ear before heading off to the DJ. Annabelle should’ve known something was up from the sly look her friend gave her but thought nothing of it when another nondescript song came on. That song too soon ended and she knew she had been right when the next one begun. “You’re such a sneak.” The song was an old reggae beat by Movado, Never believe ya.  They’d watched the dance off to this song a million times on YouTube when it was all the rage her and Kim, and had even perfected the dance they’d been so fascinated by. It had been a while since they’d done it but once again she gave herself over to the music. She didn’t even realize that the other girls stood aside, so that only she and Kim were left alone.

 They paced it carefully, watching each other’s steps, and as if by instinct performing corresponding movements, so as to make the whole thing look effortlessly symmetrical .  “Go Belle, go Kim!” The room erupted in cries of appreciation as the two girls gyrated in sync. She gave no sign of having heard them other than to calmly continue her dance. She was in her element now, the music coursing through her blood like a drum as she let herself go and enjoyed. She glided through the steps, and swayed about, after kicking off her shoes, all with the most charming grace imaginable. Then, the song reached the bridge which was a little more up tempo and  she changed the style of her dancing, her feet and ass moving more quickly.  She was getting lost in the music and the dance, and her moves grew wilder and more daring, probably spurred on by the wild applause. But then again she’d always liked this song and this dance and knew that her friend had thought of her when she asked the DJ to play it.

Poor Kim fought to keep up, but laughed her way through the dance which ended in applause and appreciative whistles from the guys in the room. A quick look showed that she’d hit her mark once again with more casualties this time, and Annabelle gracefully walked off the dance floor in search of refreshment. She was already over the little riff and her mind once again went to Chase and whether or not he was going to show up. Her heart felt sick when she realized that she might not get that last chance to see him after all. Didn’t he even care? The wayward thought got under her guard. Kimberly’s beau showed up just then and the two of them went off somewhere together just as her parents came back downstairs. Annabelle took that opportunity to sneak out back where there was a gazebo. Maybe some fresh air would help calm her down after her little show.
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11 thoughts on “Tennessee Heat Chapter 5

  1. Missing some content between chapter 4 & 5 . The confrontation is missing . Otherwise , story is getting good !

  2. So good already and it just started. Can’t wait for more

  3. scared for Annabelle, Lisa is Mandy all over again :-(, hateful bitches!!!

    1. Or that bitch from broken

  4. I remember now why I was so excited about this book. Oh yeah it’s going to be a good one. Can’t wait for more.

  5. Love…love… did I say looooveeee It!!!!!

  6. Oh, this is great! Thank you!!! ❤️

  7. I am think this is going to be one of my favs

  8. I can’t wait for this story. I’m loving it

  9. Can’t wait for more!!!

  10. Tennessee heat. I love it

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