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Tennessee Heat Chapter 5

A quick look around the room didn’t show him hiding in a corner watching her, so she relaxed a bit and ignored the slight pang of disappointment. Kim grabbed her arm and pulled her into the middle of the floor when a new song started. “Come on, let’s dance and have some fun.” She said loudly, but Annabelle was a bit reluctant.  “Ohhh, I love this song. Come on, Annabelle, let’s get our groove on.” She added, “You and I will dance together, just pretend they’re not here.” The DJ had changed up from the fast paced beat of rock to something more instrumental. Not one for dancing either way, Annabelle allowed herself to be swayed by the music, even laughing when Kim put her hand on her hips in a bid to get her to move.

“Fine-fine I’ll dance with you.” Other couples quickly joined in, and soon, the more friendly members of their little group surrounded her.  Not everyone was as resentful towards her as Lisa, but it was mostly the guys who were willing to overlook her background more so than the females. There were still a few stares and even those who refused to join in because she was there, but Annabelle ignored them all; in fact she did one better. Since she knew  they were watching her even though they pretended not to, she decided to ham it up.  She’d never had classical training but she had the natural grace of any who had. She wouldn’t spoil Kim’s party by having it out with Lisa and her crew, but she knew of other ways to get under the silly girl’s skin.  She set her face the way she’d seen the women she used to watch as a child on TV when they broadcasted those dance shows do. Her eyes went to languorous slits, as her lips firmed in a contemptuous curl.  Anyone watching saw beauty and grace not usually found in one so young. Especially one who’d had no training.

Annabelle knew exactly what she was doing. She knew more than anything that the attention she drew to herself was like a dagger in the hearts of her haters. It was her last chance to show them once and for all that she was just as good as any of them. When one song ended and another began she went with the moment. “This is more like it.” She said as the DJ once again changed to something a bit more lively. It was one of those line dance songs. Someone yelled out ‘wobble time’ and a whole group got in formation in the middle of the room.  Some of the guys had fallen out, but several girls had put themselves in position, in three lines, standing one behind the other. Hands started clapping to the beat as they kept time and went  through the difficult steps and motions of the dance. They could not have done it better had they practiced it together. But the best dancer of them all was Annabelle; she threw her whole soul into it; forgetting the earlier drama, she gave herself up entirely to the music and the renewed feeling of gaiety in the air. 
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11 thoughts on “Tennessee Heat Chapter 5

  1. Missing some content between chapter 4 & 5 . The confrontation is missing . Otherwise , story is getting good !

  2. So good already and it just started. Can’t wait for more

  3. scared for Annabelle, Lisa is Mandy all over again :-(, hateful bitches!!!

    1. Or that bitch from broken

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  5. Love…love… did I say looooveeee It!!!!!

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  7. I am think this is going to be one of my favs

  8. I can’t wait for this story. I’m loving it

  9. Can’t wait for more!!!

  10. Tennessee heat. I love it

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