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Tennessee Heat Chapter 5

Chapter 5 ***

Kimberly gave Lisa one last warning before the frustrated girl turned and left the room with her entourage in tow.  Kim might’ve believed the whole thing over and done with, but not by a long shot. As far as Lisa was concerned it had just begun. She’d been waiting almost two years for this and nothing was going to stop her getting her revenge on the little nobody who thought she could become one of them.  It wasn’t that Annabelle had done anything to the other girl, her sin was in being too pretty, too smart and too likeable. Lisa had been doing everything it’s true to gain Chase’s attention. Once she’d got too close at a pool party and he’d given her the brush off, claiming that at sixteen she was too young. 

She took that to mean that her age was his only objection and all she had to do was bide her time and wait. In the meantime she never letup on her teasing and flirting, which he never really outwardly rebuffed, he just never gave her any encouragement.  She could’ve lived with that for the next two years, but then Annabelle had moved to their school and that bleeding heart Kim had to go and befriend her.

That’s where the trouble started. She’d been more than happy to accept the new girl even though she’d already grown tired of hearing how beautiful she was or how smart.  But when they’d all been over for a sleepover and Chase had dropped by to see his dad about something, she hadn’t missed his reaction to the other girl. Where he’d told her she was too young, he didn’t seem to have an issue with talking to Annabelle, mostly off in a corner somewhere alone. 

It was obvious to everyone that the two of them practically forgot there were others in the room when they got together. Her animosity had fast become hate and she’d promised herself for two years that one day she was going to get even with her nemesis.  Annabelle had no idea any of this was going on in the other girl’s head. She knew there was jealousy on her part, which she didn’t quite understand.

Lisa had the kind of life she wished she had. A home with both parents, living in the best neighborhood, wore the best clothes and drove the latest model luxury cars.  What could she possibly have to envy? It’s not like she wasn’t beautiful as well, and the truth is, Annabelle was sure Chase would more go for someone like that. He might want to take her to his bed, but the woman he married and had children with would no doubt be someone like the more acceptable girl who’d won belle of the year this year. Annabelle had been so distracted by all the fuss over her dress and the ensuing showdown that she hadn’t had time to worry about whether or not he was here. 
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11 thoughts on “Tennessee Heat Chapter 5

  1. Missing some content between chapter 4 & 5 . The confrontation is missing . Otherwise , story is getting good !

  2. So good already and it just started. Can’t wait for more

  3. scared for Annabelle, Lisa is Mandy all over again :-(, hateful bitches!!!

    1. Or that bitch from broken

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  7. I am think this is going to be one of my favs

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  9. Can’t wait for more!!!

  10. Tennessee heat. I love it

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