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Tennessee Heat Chapter 4

Chapter 4 *** It had been yet another scorching day, but with evening fast approaching it had grown much cooler. She changed from the trolley to a bus to take her to her final destination and didn’t feel safe again until she was turning onto the corner that would take her to the Worthington’s mansion. Williams street, Harpersville, is a long, tree lined street with old antebellum homes built before the turn of the second to last century. Wide open lawns bordered by hedges of roses and hydrangeas were spotted with huge magnolia trees that were at least two hundred years old.  There were a good thirty of the old homes still standing. Others had been garishly updated by well meaning new moneyed housewives with more money than taste. But the ones that had been left alone in their old graceful state, were the ones she found the most pleasing.

Like Kim’s family home. The red brick with the Grecian columns and dormer windows. The wraparound porch that sat low as if sinking into the green grass that surrounded it, and the many plants the gardener had planted around the edge gave the place a fairy tale look. What was it like to grow up here? To know that you never had to worry about your next meal? Or whether or not a stray bullet would come through your bedroom window at night and kill you while you slept? She’d been sleeping on the floor for months now for fear of that very thing happening. As she walked down the long drive to the house, she could hear the music blaring. The sight of all the cars that were already there made her nerves tingle. 

She hated being the center of attention and knew that she would draw it as soon as she walked in. Not because she was anything special, but because as the odd man out, she always came under great scrutiny. Why did I wear this dress? She knew why. She’d worn it to impress him. But now that she was here she wished she’d used better sense and gone with the pale pink number that she’d scoffed at because it looked too childish.  Her feet were beginning to hurt from all that walking. Something else she hadn’t taken into consideration when contemplating her fashion statement.

As she entered the door that had been left open for guests, she knew right away what kind of evening it was going to be. Lisa and one of her best pals were already the center of attention, and knowing her, she planned on keeping it that way for the rest of the night, no matter that it was Kim’s party. “Come on, Lori, let’s show them how it’s done.” She grabbed the other girl’s hand and dragged her into the middle of the ballroom that the family used for these gatherings. At least they’d taken the pressure off of her as everyone was looking at the spectacle.
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