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Tennessee Heat Chapter 4

It was only Kim’s hand on Annabelle’s arm that held her back from slamming her fist into the other girl’s face. “Skank!” Annabelle growled in fury. She was tired of biting her tongue. She wasn’t going to see any of them after tonight anyway, so maybe it was time she stood up for herself. She leaned into Lisa’s face until their noses were almost touching and let all the venom she’d held in check for the past couple years pour forth. 

“I’ll smash your face in if you say one more fucking word to me. Where I buy my clothes is none of your business. As to your going off to college while I’m stuck here, you can go to ten of them and still never be as smart as I. As to the other, I don’t see him breaking down your door. Though you try so hard.”  Now it was Annabelle’s turn to smirk as Lisa’s face filled with embarrassed rage. “Fuck you-you trailer park trash!” Lisa replied but her comeback was lacking heat though the words stung. She felt the cut deep but Annabelle didn’t show it in front of her enemies. She refused to let the bitter tears fall as she reassured herself that she may come from the worst part of town, but it wasn’t who she was. It seems she’s been doing that a lot lately, as her dreams slipped farther and farther away. “I think you should leave.” Kimberly had finally had enough of the hanger on. If she was the type to gossip she would’ve blown her out the water, but then her mom would get mad at her for sharing things said to her in confidence.

It was a well known fact, in the neighborhood at least, that Lisa’s parents were on the brink of a divorce. Her dad had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar at the firm he worked for, and the mother was the county cum dump.  A lot of people surmised that the daughter wasn’t too far behind her in that respect as much as she liked putting on airs. Lisa’s face turned red and she wasn’t looking so fierce now that her friends literally stepped away from her. For a split second she looked almost human as her lips trembled, but she regrouped fast enough and squared her shoulders, and lifted her chin. Once Annabelle realized that it was only a handful of haters who were willing to follow Lisa’s lead, she felt less threatened and cornered. Everyone else seemed content to do what they’d come here for. Good food, music and company. Plus she didn’t want to make waves no matter how hateful the other girl had been. Besides, it was Kim’s last night with her friends so Annabelle decided to take the high ground once again. “No, let her stay just keep her away from me.” She turned her back dismissively on the other girl. Knowing how much it would infuriate her.
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