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Tennessee Heat Chapter 4

Once she was clear of the room she breathed easier and was only a little disappointed not to see Chase at the kitchen island with the rest of his family. She wouldn’t have wanted him to witness that humiliation anyway so maybe it was a good thing.

 “Is that a new dress, Annabelle? You look smashing.” Mrs. Worthington held open her arms and made the sign for her to turn around. She felt silly doing it in front of Kim’s other brother and her dad, but they didn’t make any disparaging remarks and her angst soon eased. She heard movement behind her and almost fell through the floor in total shame at Lisa’s next words. “Where do you think she got it? some second hand store no doubt.” Lisa and her friends giggled as they knew their voices had been loud enough for everyone in the kitchen to hear.

 “Or bought it off one of the crackheads on her street.” Another one of the evil trolls opined. The amount of scorn and envy in their tones was hard to miss. And just when she thought things couldn’t get any worse, when the adults in the room were red faced with embarrassment, they threw down the hammer.  “I think I saw it in the thrift shop in Salyersville.” “And what were you doing in the thrift shop Lori?” Kim had had enough of their bullshit at her friend’s expense. This was her house and her party. She was getting ready to kick their shady asses out when her mother stepped in. “Wherever you got it, it’s superb and I bet it never looked that good on anyone else. I’ve found some pretty good things in consignment shops, no shame in it at all. As a matter of fact, quite a lot of the women in my book club like to go binge shopping at least once a month. Sometimes the things aren’t even worn.” Annabelle knew that there was no way the sophisticated Mrs. Worthington had ever stepped foot in a thrift shop, but she appreciated the woman all the same.  The adults left the room but the troll brigade stayed behind, obviously to start up their shit again. The others were still in the ballroom dancing and enjoying the music which thank heavens was loud enough to drum out most of what this hag was about to say. The less ears that hear whatever she has to spew the better.

“So, three guesses as to why you’re dressed like a two bit hooker.” Lisa smirked and her friends snickered as she walked over and leaned into my ear.  “Do you really think he’ll go for a sewer rat like you? He’ll never want you for more than a week. That’s how long it’ll take before a man like him gets tired of your poor uneducated ass. I guess all those smarts in school didn’t do much for you huh! How’re those college applications doing?”
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