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Tennessee Heat Chapter 4

The two girls took hold of one another, and started gyrating to the music, bumping their pelvises together; it wasn’t long before another group of girls followed suit, and pretty soon the dance floor was crowded, with the guys standing back against the wall taking in the show.  Annabelle looked around for Kim but not seeing her friend, thought she could slip out of the room in search of her. A look around the room told her she wasn’t going to get away without being seen since the place was wall to wall people.

It wasn’t long though, before the guys grew tired of watching and moved in to join their respective partners or any willing body. She took the opportunity to make her escape and she was almost home free when she heard her name called out. “Is that Annabelle Scacci?” suddenly it felt like all eyes were on her as several members of the group turned and watched her. The comments started up right away and she dug her nails into her palms to steady herself.  “Whoa, look at you!” One of the guys called out and the dancers who hadn’t noticed her until now, stopped to see the sight. The comments came hard and fast, some of them lost in the thundering base of the music that was ten times louder inside.

Kim came rushing into the room from somewhere in the back of the house to see what all the excitement was about. It was the smile on her friend’s face that helped ease the nasty knot in the pit of her stomach. “Look at you Annabelle, you look amazing.” Kim walked over and said the words for her ears only before taking her hand and leading her deeper into the room. As she was being pulled into the other room away from the revelers she heard a very familiar voice. She should’ve known she wouldn’t escape that easy. “Why the hell is she dressed like a slut?” Lisa’s voice was tinged with hate and anger. “She looks good to me.” One of the guys, Carter was his name, answered. His girlfriend, one of Lisa’s pals, elbowed him in the gut and gave him a look that could kill.

“Don’t let them get to you, you look freaking amaze balls. I want you to enjoy yourself. This is our last night together for a while, so we’re gonna do the dog girlfriend. Later for them haters.” She was already feeling better and not nearly as naked as she had when everyone was staring at her. When she caught the look of jealous anger on Lisa’s face a little imp tapped her on her shoulder and she decided to mess with the idiot’s head. She straightened her back, making her breasts push forward against the material of her dress and lifted her head high. When she heard the murmurings she flung her perfect hair back and walked out of the room, with her hips moving from side to side, each step perfectly placed like she was on the catwalk. 
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