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Tennessee Heat Chapter 3

Chapter 3


The next Saturday dawned nice and sunny with a much cooler temp than the week before. After spending a whole week going back and forth on her decision, the choice was taken out of her hand when Kim called and begged her to come to the party.


She was grateful for the excuse because the truth is, she was dying to go. Just a few days ago she’d gone to a thrift shop a few towns over where the other wealthy half lived, and spent her day off digging through second-hand clothes for something presentable to wear.

She’d found a kickass red knee-length dress with spaghetti straps that fit her small frame perfectly. Showcasing her breasts without being too revealing, and hugging her hips and ass like a second layer of skin.


She was lucky enough to find a pair of silver gladiator strap up heels that made her calves look amazing and for the first time in a very long time felt like luck was on her side.

All that was missing was a cute little evening clutch to match her shoes. Something small enough to hold her keys and a tube of lipstick which she planned to wear for the first time.

She didn’t let herself dwell on the fact that she was going to all this trouble because this very well might be the last time she was in the presence of Chase Worthington.


With his sister going away to college there was no reason for her to show up at their house again, and she didn’t fool herself that her friendship with Kim would withstand the test of time.

She wouldn’t blame her friend if she went off and made new friends who were more on her level. In this small town miles away from any major city, her choice for friends had been limited.


It’s what she’d do if it were her. Not that she would’ve left any friends behind if they were worth knowing, but she was sure that once Kim got out into the world and saw beyond the city limits, she’d realize how unsustainable their friendship was.

So she’d go to the party and have one last night among the rich and famous before settling down to her life of drudgery. She promised herself that she wouldn’t fall apart once it all hit her when she said her final goodbyes to the only friends she’d known, but she knew she would.


Not only because they were going away and leaving her behind, but because it was the end of a chapter in her life. She’d been lucky enough to make it into that school only because of her excellent scholastic achievements.

It’s the reason she’d been able to make it that far out of her neighborhood. Where she’d escaped the realities of her life for part of each day. It was the reason the people around here hated her, and the reason why people like Lisa hated her more. She didn’t belong anywhere.

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