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Tennessee Heat Chapter 3

She resolved not to let it spoil the rest of her evening as the trolley came rambling down the street, but she knew she was only kidding herself.   All the way on the trolley she fought hard not to feel sorry for herself. She was sure there were others who were worse off than she. Like that poor girl who was only a few years younger than her. She wondered who her family was, and how they’d allowed her to come to that state. But she knew better than most, that sometimes family wasn’t good for shit. She didn’t see any of the complimentary looks that were sent her way. She was too busy gazing out the window at nothing. She’d already lost what little pleasure she’d found in her appearance, and now her mind was back there with a girl she didn’t even know, but for whom her heart bled.

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2 thoughts on “Tennessee Heat Chapter 3

  1. Loving it

  2. Mama is as hot as the Tennessee heat

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