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Tennessee Heat Chapter 3


“Who’s getting fucked tonight?” She knew that voice, it was the creep from last weekend, the one that had got in her face. She hurried as much as she could in the three inch heels, but the shouts kept coming.

Pretty soon it sounded like the whole damn street had joined in and the catcalls and dog whistles started. Some idiot whistled, a shrill, ear-piercing sound that sent shivers down her spine and it seemed the faster she walked the louder they became.

“Looking good girl. I hope there’s some left for me when you come back. I don’t mind sloppy seconds.” Everyone laughed uproariously at that and it was all she could do to ignore the insult. As if she’d let that piece of shit anywhere near her.


The yells and whistles started up again, and then they started that disgusting chant all over. Annabelle decided to pretend they weren’t even there, but instead kept her head held high and concentrated on the evening ahead. She’d just have to figure something out for the late night trip back.

She walked hurriedly down to the far corner where she would make the turn to wait for the trolley. She knew it wasn’t wise to ride the public transportation dressed as she was, there were even worst sub-humans out there, but there was no other choice.

A taxi would be way too much, and she’d rather walk than show up in that neighborhood in the back of any of the hacks that still dared enter her neighborhood.


There was only a handful of people waiting at the stop, whom she ignored by pretending interest in the empty screen of her phone. Out of the corner of her eye she saw one of the undesirables from the next block over make his way to the corner.

From the way his head moved from side to side like a squirrel’s she knew he was up to no good. She didn’t feel in danger for her own person, but she knew she was about to see something that would spoil her day if she let it.

No sooner had she had that thought than an unkempt young girl who couldn’t have been more than sixteen but looked like she was pushing thirty came along and stopped right in front of him. From the way she dug at her skin and shifted from leg to leg, it was obvious she was jonesing for a hit.


The way the man grabbed her and took her down through an alley between two buildings had Annabelle wishing she had the nerve to run after them and stop what she was certain was about to happen.

It wouldn’t be the first time she’d walked up on some female giving her body away in exchange for her next high.

She looked away feeling that drop in the pit of her stomach. How was she to believe that she will ever escape this if she was constantly faced with it day in and day out?

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  1. Loving it

  2. Mama is as hot as the Tennessee heat

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