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Tennessee Heat Chapter 3


That evening she took great care with her hair and makeup, using only a light moisturizing cream and the swath of blood-red lipstick on her lips. Her hair was a perfect waterfall of black silk down her back and over one shoulder.

She’d parted it down the middle and spent hours straightening it until there was no sign of its usual fat bouncy curls. She checked herself over a million times until her mother came out of her stupor long enough to bitch at her.

“Turn off that damn light in there girl, you gonna pay that bill?” As a matter of fact she had been for the past three months. That and the water bill. She didn’t mind having no TV, but when she heard mice in the walls she liked to be able to see where they were coming from and going to.


She also liked smelling part human and there was no way she could let the water be turned off. Food these days was usually an apple for lunch that the owner of the grocery store let her have, and dinner was a cup of store brand soup from the dollar store.

She wasn’t one to cry over things she couldn’t change, so she didn’t let it bother her too much. But sometimes her mother’s selfishness was a bit much to take.

She flicked off the light and grabbed the little bag she’d found in another second hand store and all in all felt good about herself. “Bye ma, I’ll see you in a couple of hours.”


She kissed the leathery face of the woman who she was sure from the pictures she’d found hidden in the hall closet, was once a great beauty. That beauty was another source of worry for her.
For if her mother, a woman in her younger years had been more beautiful than she could ever wish to be, had become the thing she now saw before her, what were chances?

The shit started as soon as she walked out the door. She should’ve known the street would be crowded this time of day, but it was too late to turn back now. All eyes were on her as she walked gingerly in her new shoes, wishing she could run in the stupid things.


“Work it girl.” One of the teenage boys yelled from across the street.” She didn’t acknowledge but that didn’t stop the others from joining in.

There were all kinds of innuendos and suggestive remarks thrown at her back as she kept her head straight and focused on getting the hell off that block.

“Somebody’s getting fucked tonight.” That disgusting chant was immediately taken up by what sounded like three or more, and they all yelled it out.

“Somebody’s getting fucked tonight.” It made her skin crawl and she fought back the useless tears that gathered in her eyes.

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  1. Loving it

  2. Mama is as hot as the Tennessee heat

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