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Tennessee Heat Chapter 10

Annabelle looked at her meaningfully, barely restraining herself from retorting and causing an even bigger scene than the one her mother was already making at the broken down kitchen table. The last time she’d trusted her mother with money the other woman had spent it all on booze.

“And for that matter, I can’t remember the last time I got to buy anything new for myself, not since I had you. I need a new dress far worse than you. But, of course, I don’t matter, you only think of yourself. You’re selfish, just like that asshole who got me pregnant and took off.” Annabelle didn’t answer, and Ms. Scacci, having nothing more to say, went back to her coffee and toast in silence. It was Annabelle who spoke next.  “Mom, have you ever thought of moving away from here?” Her mother gave her a baleful look before sniffling into her coffee cup. “Where would you like us to go? Should I find a place in that ritzy neighborhood where your friends live? What, this isn’t good enough for you now? I did the best I can by you…”

“That’s not what I’m saying mom.” She told her mom about what happened the day before in the hopes of maybe gaining some sympathy for her plight or at the very least shedding some light on why they needed to leave.  She didn’t know where they would go exactly, but anything had to be better than here. “Who was it?” Mrs. Scacci at least showed the prerequisite amount of interest in the fact that her daughter had almost been assaulted right at their door. “I don’t know all of them, just Dirk and Sammy.” “No good bastards, did they touch you? I can’t stand these fucking redneck drug dealer assholes; the street ain’t what it used to be when we first moved here.” Annabelle didn’t answer, it was true; things had gone from bad to worse since she was a kid who felt safe playing in the street.  This was one of the reasons she knew Chase could never want her. He’d want the mother of his children to be of pure birth, someone like…Lisa. The thought made bile rise in her chest.

She sat in silence at the table once it seemed her mother had got everything off her chest. When they were done, Ms. Scacci got up, and having finished her coffee laced with her last bit of whiskey, said to her daughter: “Clean up the kitchen Annabelle. I’m just gonna go pay a visit to Agnes. Poor bitch, she just had twins of all things and she had five brats already.” Ms. Scacci shook her head as if her friend’s fertility was a thing to bemoan. Her next words showed that that’s exactly what she thought. “It’s a pity the law don’t see fit to take some of ’em that’s what I say.” After which pious remark Ms. Scacci went out of the kitchen and left the house with a slam of the door.  
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  1. loving this book. cant wait for more. and then to buy and be able to reread whenever i want.

  2. I cannot stand the wait for the next chapter. I love all your work

  3. I’m in love with this story!!!

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