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Tennessee Heat Chapter 10

She could’ve probably found something better by now, but her sense of loyalty wouldn’t let her. The Smiths have always been kind to her, and where else was she going to get a week’s supply of fruits and vegetables for free every payday?

Granted the produce wasn’t always in the best condition, but it was better than nothing and she’d learned to make do, as she always did.  Her mother was acting kinda pissy this morning and the young girl waited to hear what fresh hell she’d gotten herself into now. “Where were you yesterday Annabelle?” She asked. “I was with a friend, we had a party remember?” She tore the toast into pieces instead of eating it because her tummy felt weird. “You’re always with friends when I need you.” The statement got her back up but she held her tongue. Her mother was probably out of liquor. She usually gets surly when that happens. “I didn’t know you needed me, mother,” answered Annabelle. Her mind was a million miles away and she wasn’t in the mood for a squabble. 

Last night when Chase had finally called she’d barely spoken two words to him. She was still shaken up from the morning’s scare and feeling a little bit raw. He hadn’t pressed her, but she knew he had to be wondering what the hell her problem was. She’d lied and said her mother needed her so she could get off the phone and he hadn’t argued.  Proving to her that he wasn’t really interested. She still didn’t know where it was that he’d had to run off to either. For all she knew he could’ve been going to another woman. “Well, you might have come to see or called at least! I could’ve been dead, for all you knew.” Annabelle said nothing, what was there to say?

“My arthritis was acting up all day, it hurt so bad I didn’t know what to do with myself. The doctor said I was to be rubbed with that stuff he gave me, but you weren’t even here. I can’t rub myself down.”  Annabelle hid her anger well but she had to bite a hole in her tongue to do it. When did she become the parent? She could almost cry when she thought about their situation compared to others? Why couldn’t she have a mom like Kim’s? Someone who loved and cherished her the way a mother should. Even her dad was better than most. A very hands-on parent who actually cared what happens to his daughter and sons.

Why was she always the one doing the caring? She remembered many a time when she was sick as a dog and her mother still found time to follow her own interest, leaving her to fend for herself. “Well, mother,” said Annabelle, “your arthritis was alright Saturday before I left.” “I know what you was doing; you was showing off that new dress of yours for your hoity-toity friends. A fucking waste of money if you ask me! You shoulda given me that money to put in the savings.”
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  1. loving this book. cant wait for more. and then to buy and be able to reread whenever i want.

  2. I cannot stand the wait for the next chapter. I love all your work

  3. I’m in love with this story!!!

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