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Tennessee Heat Chapter 10

Annabelle and her mother were having breakfast the next day. It was the only meal they ever shared together, and that rarely. In short, it was as much time as the two could stand to be that close to each other. The mother because she was wary of being judged by her daughter’s very lofty standards, and the child, because she was ever conscious of her fear of becoming a replica of what she saw sitting across from her at the table. Stella Scacci looked older than her thirty-six years. She was short, and going soft around the middle, with a worn face, and greying hair, which she wore, pulled back in a ponytail. 

She had been a real beauty once, but since her last boyfriend had ran off with one of her good friends a few years back, she’d just given up on life, and on herself. At least that’s how it seemed. She’d moved with Annabelle to the dingy ground-floor apartment in the rundown old house when the girl was about eight years old.  Annabelle’s dad had been long gone by the time she was old enough to know what one was, and from an early age she’d pretty much taken care of her mother and herself.  Her mom had done odd jobs to make ends meet here and there as long as she could remember and in the old days usually made enough to keep them from starvation.

But, after the last guy ran off when Annabelle was about eleven or twelve, the older woman had just stopped trying. It was as if that last insult had been too much in a long line of life’s disappointments and she’d basically just given up. These days she still cleaned other people’s homes and did little odd jobs wherever she could find them so she could earn a little extra to keep her well supplied with liquor.  It was the only thing she had any interest in and the reason she could never hold down a job for long. It was a vicious cycle that her daughter was desperate to escape from. Annabelle was able to make her own living by working at a grocery store where she’d been lucky enough to get a job by lying about her age a few years ago. And though she hated lying and would rather chew off her tongue, it was either that or dying of starvation.

Though at the time she didn’t look any older than her age of fifteen, that was nothing a little bit of makeup couldn’t fix. And even though she’d been terrified that day of being found out, and even more of the repercussions she might face in the case of that happening, she’d had no choice but to try. The family who owned the grocery had long since realized that she’d lied, but by then they knew about her home situation and was very sympathetic. Not to mention, they had a genuine fondness for the hardworking, honest young girl who showed a lot more promise in life than most of her peers.
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  1. loving this book. cant wait for more. and then to buy and be able to reread whenever i want.

  2. I cannot stand the wait for the next chapter. I love all your work

  3. I’m in love with this story!!!

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