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Tennessee Heat Chapter 1

This entry is part 1 of 15 in the series Tennessee Heat
The girl was born with all the right attributes and if given a chance would’ve been belle of the year had her family been of a different sort. This was one of the reasons Lisa hated her so much.  Where she herself had to spend hours in the mirror to hide the marks left from her bout of childhood chickenpox and pay an astronomical fee once a month to hide her dirty brown roots beneath a bottle of honey blonde dye, the poor and inconsequential Annabelle could just run a brush over her hair and look like she stepped off the pages of Vogue. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Annabelle was smarter and could hold a conversation on just about any topic, which seemed to please Chase immensely. 

Something Lisa herself was dying to achieve, but all she seemed capable of doing was annoying him. Or so it seemed every time she struck up a conversation and he made some excuse and disappeared. Annabelle looked out the window at the passing scenery her young mind wandering to things she knew could never be. Chase played heavily in her dreams, both asleep and awake, but she knew there was no way anything would ever come of it. Sure he seemed interested, but she knew all too well that if she gave in she might end up like her mom. Alone and pregnant with no real prospects for the future. She wasn’t a prude, far from it, but she knew she had more than her innocence to lose if she ever gave into her urges and went to bed with him. She wasn’t so sure she could piece her heart together after he’d broken it in half.

But still, she’d never met anyone as handsome and sophisticated as him. His hair was as dark as hers, but where her eyes were a nondescript brown, his were a piercing grey that reminded her of the sky in a thunderstorm.  How fanciful. Maybe I should stop reading all those old romance novels and get my head out of the clouds. She scolded herself for the one hundredth time. No matter how much she tells herself to forget about him, to move on, she just never could bring herself to do it. There was a boy her age that she knew was halfway in love with her, but she had no feelings for Timothy beyond genuine friendship. Tim’s problem was that he was from her neighborhood, and as nice a guy as he was, he had no real ambition.  He was more than happy to stay here and watch life go by. As long as he made enough money at his job at the brewery to buy him a new outfit every weekend to go clubbing with his friends.

No way. She wanted out of here yesterday and made no excuses for it. If she was smart she’d find a way to get what she could out of Chase, after all it was pretty obvious what he wanted from her, so why should he get it for free? Every time she thought like that it made her sick to her stomach. She could never do such a thing. Not to him, and definitely not to herself.
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4 thoughts on “Tennessee Heat Chapter 1

  1. What happened to chapters 2-9?
    It was just getting g sooo good!! Can’t wait to see the rest!
    Thanks for all your awesomeness, keep your books coming, can get enough!

  2. Oooh, it’s gonna be good…

  3. So happy your working on Tennessee heat again. Iove it

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