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Tennessee Heat Chapter 8

Chapter 8

*** She only stirred from her private reverie when he pulled into an underground garage. She could tell that he was still mad when he opened her door with his face set in stern lines. “Where are we? What am I doing here?” “Get out of the car, you’re staying with me tonight.” She gave him a very telling look, which he interpreted accurately. “I have two bedrooms, you can have one. If I wanted to fuck you I wouldn’t have gone through the pretense of taking you home. Now let’s go.” She was speechless as he helped her out of the car after unbuckling her seatbelt, and didn’t find her voice until he’d hustled her into the elevator. “Why are you so mad again?” 

He shook his head and didn’t answer. There was no rationale for what he was feeling and he’d only end up making shit worst if he tried to explain. The truth is he was being a bit of a snob and wasn’t embarrassed about it. She didn’t belong there. “You don’t belong there. I’m not mad at you: just not happy with the situation. I know how dangerous that place is. Don’t ask me to be happy that the woman…that you live around such bullshit.”  He’d almost given too much away. She wasn’t ready to hear that she was the woman he loved and he wasn’t ready to say it. Not the right time.

He led her into his apartment overlooking the city’s waterfront. She stood just inside the door as if afraid to take another step and he gave her time to get herself together.  He was able to relax now that he had her here and hadn’t realized how much he’d longed to see her in his place where she belonged. “Did you eat?” He didn’t wait for an answer but headed into the kitchen. As if on cue her tummy made a most embarrassing sound, reminding her that she hadn’t had anything to eat at the party. She wasn’t quite sure how to take his explanation. She knew she should be offended, but didn’t she feel the same? At least she wasn’t dying of embarrassment the way she thought she’d be. She followed behind him slowly and stood in the doorway watching as he grabbed a loaf of bread from the refrigerator before going back for deli meat and the necessary condiments.

“I’m not going to pounce on you Annabelle get the hell out of that doorway and sit down.” He didn’t like that she was being so skittish with him; she’d never done it before. Always before they’d been easy with each other. Well after their first few meetings anyway. So what if he usually left her with a hard dick and in a foul mood from sexual frustration? He’d never exposed her to any of that. Not once had he acted inappropriately, always showing her the respect she deserved no matter how hard it was to be around her and not take.
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