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Tennessee Heat Chapter 8

“If you tell me that you have no idea how I feel about you I won’t believe you. I know you feel it too. If you’re worried about being here alone with me like this, don’t. I’m not going to jump you first chance I get. If sex were all I was after trust me, I would’ve given up a long time ago.” What did he mean? She thought as she finally turned to look at him fully. His hand came up and caressed her cheek and she found herself leaning into his palm before she could help herself.

“So beautiful.” Her eyes flew to his at the whisper and she just knew he was going to kiss her. Chase wanted badly to bring her lips to his and steal that kiss he’d been hungering for-for almost a damn year now, but her fear and reticence held him back. When she came to him he wanted her fully onboard with no doubts or fears standing in the way. So, instead of pulling her in closer, he just flicked her cheek with his fingertip before returning his attention to the TV.  He smiled secretly at the sound she made. It sounded like frustration to him. Maybe, just maybe, she wasn’t as unaware of him as she’d have him believe.

They sat there for the next hour both highly aware of the other even as they had a rather banal conversation about nothing of much import. But it helped her to relax, which is what he was after. When it was getting late he got to his feet and taking her hand in his, led her down the hallway to the second bedroom. “You’ll tell me if you need anything?” He opened the door and let her walk in while he stayed a safe distance away in the doorway.  “Oh, wait, you need something to sleep in don’t you.” He turned and headed for his room without waiting for an answer and came back shortly with a large Titans tee shirt that she was sure was his. “Thanks!” She didn’t even look at him when she reached out to take it, her mind already ahead to the next few minutes when she had his shirt against her naked skin. 

He took pity on her and with one final goodnight left her. She didn’t know how long she stood there after he left, listening to him move around the room next door. She shook herself from her daydream and headed into the en suite bathroom. She looked in the mirror over the double sink.  Her skin was flushed and her eyes wide and just a little dilated. She ran the water until it was very cold before splashing her face to cool down. In the shower she used the shampoo she found there, to wash her hair and showered with the bottle of soap he kept there as well. 
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  1. I can’t wait to buy this book

  2. So hooked! More please.

  3. Oh, I want more more more!!! You are wonderful ❤️❤️❤️

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