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Tennessee Heat Chapter 8

She became instantly aware of her body’s reaction to his nearness and held her breath until her chest hurt. “Yes it is. I had two majors and I minored in business. Because I’m in charge from beginning to end, I get to keep most of the profits, which I put into other interests.”

He didn’t expound on what those interests were and she didn’t ask. She couldn’t have even if she’d wanted to, not around the sudden lump in her throat.  This was the second time tonight he was holding her this close and her body was going into meltdown mode. She expected him to release her after that, but he seemed in no hurry to and they spent the next five minutes standing there in silence with her body’s temperature elevating by the second.  If he made a move she wasn’t sure how she’d react. A part of her wished he would so that she could get it over and done with, but the specter of her mother’s life and her own fear of ending up no better, refused to go away. She almost fell to her knees with relief when he eased his arms from around her, but she went back on tenterhooks when he kissed her neck softly. Her eyes became saucers at the feelings that rushed through her and if he hadn’t moved away she was afraid she might’ve embarrassed herself. He sat on the couch and picked up the remote before looking at her. “Come join me Annabelle.” With his beer on the table in front of him he reached out his hand for her to come to him.

She walked slowly because her body felt like it was going to break into a million pieces with each step she took. She looked down at the half eaten sandwich in her hand that she’d completely forgotten. She couldn’t eat another bite to save her life. Her tummy was too full of butterflies and nerves. She placed it on the table and he looked at it with a raised brow but did not comment thank heavens. He took her hand instead, pulling her down beside him. That arm went around her shoulders and she sat stiff as a board, pretending interest in whatever was playing on the tube, but really she was too hyperaware of him to grasp anything other than the fast beating pace of her heart and his wonderful scent. She knew he was looking at her, she could feel his stare, but was too shy to turn and look. “Relax sweetheart. Do I make you nervous?” How was she supposed to answer such a leading question? Her only answer was an audible swallow before she finally got the courage to glance his way.

“I’m not nervous.” Liar! At least I no longer sound like a drowning frog she thought. Even though she’d run out of words to say.  He took her hand with the one that wasn’t wrapped around her, kind of boxing her in there on the couch. She felt at once protected and overwhelmed. There were too many new emotions running riot throughout her system for her mind to focus on any one.
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