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Tennessee Heat Chapter 8

First, when she was too young, he wouldn’t even let himself think of her in that way. He’d just enjoyed her company because she was a genuinely smart sweet girl.

But now that there was nothing standing in his way of having her, the tension was palpable. Maybe she was feeling it too and that’s why she was suddenly treating him like a stranger. She took his advice and sat on one of the stools, around the kitchen bar. He made her a sandwich that seemed stuffed with everything before pouring her a glass of juice and placing them both in front to her. “Eat.” He left the room after giving that order and she was able to relax a little. She looked around the room as she bit into the sandwich.  The kitchen was roughly twice the size of her bedroom at home and everything had a high end label attached.  She wondered how much money he made to afford a place like this. Something she’d never ask in a thousand years.

She knew from past conversations though, that he liked doing things for himself without the influence of his family name and money. If she remembered correctly it was a big thing with him, making his own way. It was one of the things she admired most about him. That ambition that was so lacking in everyone else around her.  It was strange that in all their conversations they’d never got around to discussing anything as personal as his career choice. Funny now that she thought about it, since they talked about everything else. She figured that since he’d taken it upon himself to practically nab her and drag her back to his lair she had the right to know at least that much. “What is it that you do anyway?” He’d reentered the kitchen and was grabbing a beer from the fridge.  “Grab your sandwich and follow me.” He helped her down off the stool and kept her hand in his as he headed for the bank of windows in the living room. She tensed up for the barest of seconds when he moved around behind her and wrapped his arms around her middle, resting his chin on her shoulder.

With the hand that held his beer he pointed towards the city skyline. “You see that building over there, the one that looks like the sail of a ship? That’s mine.”  She heard the pride in his voice as she stared at the masterpiece. She even recalled what a big deal it had been when it had been built six months ago. “What do you mean yours?” Her voice sounded hoarse to her own ears. “I mean I’m an architect and a contractor slash engineer.” “That’s a lot isn’t it?” She was beginning to feel inadequate. He had such great accomplishments and here she couldn’t even get into college.
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