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Tennessee Heat Chapter 6

Chapter 6 *** The party was in full swing by the time Chase pulled up to the big house, it was his little sister’s going away party and he’d been given orders to be there or else. At twenty-seven he wasn’t too excited about partying with a bunch of teenagers but he always made it a point not to disappoint his baby sister.  He saw his younger brother Emory hiding out around the side of the house and had to laugh. Em was the size of a barge but their little sister ordered him around like he was her personal lackey.  He’d only escaped the same fate because as the oldest he’d always been put in a position of authority when the parents needed a breather. He climbed out of his silver grey Aston Martin and walked towards his brother in the shadows.

“What’re you doing little brother?” Emory almost jumped out of his skin at his approach. “Dude if you know what’s good for you-you won’t go in there, it’s a madhouse and Kim is a devious little runt.” “Okay what did she do now college boy? Tell me what the big bad high school girl did to have you hiding out-out here like an old woman.” It was hard holding back his laughter, especially when it looked like his brother was about to cry. “Laugh all you want bro but don’t say I didn’t warn you; those girls are persistent.” He actually tried to look around Chase to see if anyone was coming out the door. “First I had to hide out in the kitchen with mom and dad because a couple of them got all grabby feely, and then there was some kinda dust up between some of the girls in there, that’s when I made my escape.”

Chase was sure that there might be some truth to his claims but he was also doubly sure that he was going a bit overboard. Em tends to exaggerate a lot. He clapped him on the shoulder as he turned to head inside where this bevy of frightening vixens, were supposedly hanging out. More likely than not one of them had come on too strong for his little brother who because of his size was always rather awkward around members of the opposite sex. He had a sudden thought of that Lisa girl. He wouldn’t put it past her to go after his brother since he hadn’t fallen prey to her wiles. She was bold enough to do it too and if the local gossip was true, she might be desperate. Her he could do without running into.

“Let me go see what has you so shook brother.” He shook his head as he walked away. Em was a big ox. At twenty-two he was well on his way to the NFL and could’ve been there already if not for their parents, no scratch that, their mom putting her foot down and insisting he got an education first.
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