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Tennessee Heat Chapter 6

In this day of Internet highways he was sure he’d have no problem finding her once he had the right information. But somehow he’d wanted her to come to him, or at least meet him halfway.  He couldn’t believe that she didn’t understand the ramifications of his sister who was their only go between so to speak, leaving town for the next four months at least. Now that she was old enough for his bed, he didn’t think he could go that long without seeing her. He’d go mad. The starry sky was a nice backdrop for the lake that ran along the back of the property. The night was perfect, not cool, not warm, just a nice blend. A nice change from just a week ago, but so goes the Tennessee weather, fractious at best. From here he could see the swans that his mother had bought a few years ago as they glided across the water with their heads tucked beneath their wings, fast asleep in the moonlight.

He walked faster when he saw the lone figure standing in the gazebo gazing off across the water. He wondered where her shadow was.  Collin Gordon has been Kimmy’s since they were five. She’d staked her claim on the playground the first week of school all those years ago and that as they say was that. He stepped up onto the gazebo about to wrap his hands around her eyes in surprise but the figure turned just as he was about to make his move. The air got trapped in his lungs and his heart picked up speed. “Fuck me!” The words fell from his lips as he moved in closer, his eyes never leaving her. “Belle?” He whispered her name like a prayer.
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