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Tennessee Heat Chapter 6

She had it all figured out. He was just the tool and his proposed new bride the vessel, by which to fulfill her means.  The words may vary slightly with each visit, but the delivery was always the same. He had no doubt that she was only slightly joking. Southern mothers and their grandbabies are a staple of the country, or so she would have him believe.

“You done terror?” He kissed her nose when she rolled her eyes at him and pronounced him a lost cause. “Hi dad.” He hugged his dad and clapped his shoulder as the other man smiled indulgently at his wife. Little did his mother know that this is exactly what he was holding out for.  He wanted that same warmth that he’d been privileged to see all his life. There was only one woman he’d found who made him feel, and she was playing hard to get. Something he planned to put an end to tonight. “Hey son you seen your brother?” “Yep, what’s with him anyway?” Dad had an unholy gleam in his eye, which meant he was getting ready to mess with one of his kids. He’s the master prankster and they all spend hours at a time trying to get him back, but so far they have yet to top him. “The Gordon girl’s home from her first year of college and she’s loaded for bear. Poor Em has been dodging her all evening.” He rubbed his hands together in glee and Chase could only imagine what he had up his sleeve for poor Emory.

“I knew it.” That explains it, Justine Gordon has been after Em since she was seventeen and he was twenty-one. Poor Em was all thumbs around the beautiful blonde; it was a sight to see. “Where’s Kimmy? I didn’t see her in that mob in there I better let her know I’m here before she lets me have it later.” “She was headed out back last time I saw, probably down by the gazebo.” “Fine, I’ll go get her. You two try to behave and remember we have a house full of impressionable young’uns in the place.” He shook his head as he left them to it. He headed out the backdoor in search of his sister excited about the neat gift he’d gotten her. She was all grown up now as she’d warned him weeks ago when she’d called to put in her order for her gift.  He hoped she liked what he’d picked out for her, but his mom had assured him she would so he wasn’t too worried.  As the only girl and the baby to boot, she tended to be a mite spoilt, but as her big brother, he wouldn’t have it any other way. He couldn’t help thinking that there was one other girl he wanted to spoil. It seemed tonight he couldn’t escape his longing for the beautiful Annabelle. What was he going to do if she wasn’t here?
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