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Tennessee Heat Chapter 6

But he’d never come right out and told her he was interested. He’s sure she had to know there was something brewing between them, the girl he’d had those conversations with was by no means stupid. But what if he’d left it too late? “No.” He shook his head as he made his way through the crowd. He wouldn’t believe that, would never accept it. Before the night was over he was going to let her know in no uncertain terms that she was his. He’d waited almost two years, throwing himself into work to keep his mind off of her. He’d tried dating someone else casually about a year ago but the shit had left him cold. That’s when he knew that he had it bad for her. Even though he’d never so much as kissed her, he felt like a cheating husband every time he thought of going to bed with anyone else. His mind went once again to Lisa and the fact that he knew she was trying to get into his bed. He had no interest in taking her there though, and made up his mind that if she should pull another one of her come-ons that he was going to set her straight once and for all. He headed first to the kitchen in search of his parents since he knew from experience with his own partying days that that was their hangout. Close enough to keep an eye, but not too close to cramp their children’s style.

“Geez get a room will ya.” He teased as he caught them in a clinch, which was pretty much de rigueur in the Worthington home. His dad gave him the ‘look’ like he was really interrupting something before stealing one last kiss from his wife and letting her go. It did Chase’s heart proud to see that, to see the two of them so in love after all these years. He sometimes wondered if he’d ever have that.  If there will ever be a woman who looks at him the way his mom still looked at his dad, with love and admiration, even after almost thirty years of being together.  Annabelle’s amazing face flashed into his mind and he felt that sweet tingle that usually followed any thought of her and him together like that. “Chase!” His mom left his dad’s arms and flew into his for a hug. “How’s my best girl?” He hugged her with a smile, delighted with her antics.

“Still? Geez, at this rate I’m never going to have any grandchildren, how come you haven’t found a girl yet?” He ignored her, as he knew she was just getting started with her usual spiel. Mom never let a visit go by without putting him through his paces. She went on to give him pointers on how best to meet her future daughter in law. This paragon of virtue who was to bear him sons and daughters just for the enjoyment of his poor beleaguered mother who despaired of ever hearing the pitter patter of her grandkids’ feet. 
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