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Tennessee Heat Chapter 6

There’s a pattern in this family, the women tend to rule the nest. The brothers pretty much took direction from their dad Camden who taught them from an early age to go with the flow.  According to him, as an OBGYN he’s seen the strength of women and there isn’t shit men can do to keep up, so they might as well just let them have their way. 

Of course he also taught his boys to be men and protect those same women because at the end of the day it was their place as men to do just that. It made for a strange balance but it worked for them.  The women on the other hand enjoyed the benefit of having such men in their corner but they also knew where to draw the line, and that was usually anything that had to do with their protection. Everything else, they had free reign and used it too.

The place was a mob; the noise level was off the charts with the walls thumping from the bass of the techno crap that was blaring. Geez, he thought. Was I this bad when I was her age? I don’t think so, but who knows, my folks might have a different claim. He did a quick scan looking for a head of dark locks and those beautiful exotic eyes but didn’t see her. He’d been battling his feelings for little Annabelle for the past few months. He’d steered clear of her for the past few years, doing nothing more than sharing some very interesting conversations about world politics and such.

When they first met she was too young, and though he found her to be one of the most beautiful beings of his acquaintance, he wasn’t the kind of man to go after a girl that young. It was only when her eighteenth birthday came around that he allowed himself to even contemplate his feelings for her. There was no doubt in his mind that his feelings for her were real. They’d kept him up many a night in the last few weeks and he was still no closer to a solution.  What he did know, was that he wanted her. In the beginning he’d restrained himself from finding out too much about her for fear that he might step over the line. But when he’d finally caved and pumped his sister for information it was obvious that if he’d fooled anyone else he hadn’t fooled her. She’d laughed and told him she was wondering how long it would take him.  She was sure he was only waiting until her friend was old enough, she’d said. Apparently she hadn’t missed all those looks he thought had been well hidden.

Now tonight seemed to spell some kind of turning point. He had a feeling that if he was going to do anything it would have to be now, or he may never get another chance. He had some idea that Annabelle might be interested in him too, she was always so skittish when he came around.
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