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Tennessee Heat Chapter 2

She felt helpless because part of what he said was true. At the rate her mother was going with the drinking, it won’t be long before her liver was shot. But as to the last part of that statement, no way in hell. “I’d slit my own throat first asshole, now move.” Yep, no way a guy like Chase Worthington would marry someone like her. She might avoid the more salient aspects of her neighborhood, but she still carried the taint. Her manners and her filthy mouth were nowhere on the same par as Lisa’s and her ilk and she knew it. She didn’t let her inner thoughts show as she stared him down. Something was different, maybe it was the heat. Usually once she gave them the brush off they’d sling a few more inane things at her, but they’d never gone after her like this. Just then an ice cream truck came down the street, its music blaring out a welcome. Kids scattered in all directions, all their cries the same with pretty much the same answer from every corner. ‘I don’t have no money for no damn ice cream.’ Was basically the cry on each mother’s lips. She would wonder why the guy even bothered as often as he did but there was no need to. The little byplay between him and that Sammy guy left no doubt as to his real purpose for being here. Disgusting. She was tempted to let the cops in on his real dealings, but knew that would only bring more trouble than she could handle. Things had a way of being found out in this neighborhood, and if they weren’t they had no problem choosing a victim and sticking the blame on them. The ice cream man was a greasy rotten tooth dirty haired scumbag that had no cause being anywhere near kids or in any profession that would facilitate such a thing. He looked like every mug shot of a pedophile she’d ever seen. When his eyes landed on her she rushed the last few steps to her door and walked in. She looked back out the window as soon as the door was closed and locked behind her. The ice cream guy and the three who’d been harassing her were still talking, only this time their focus seemed to be on her house.

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  1. I am so excited about this book

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