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Tennessee Heat Chapter 2

She gave a quick glance to the usual suspects who were lined off against the front of one of their houses.
She realized as she had the thought, that she didn’t even know any of their names. She knew their faces well enough, they’d all lived here their whole lives, some longer than her.
But she’d never taken the time to learn their names. Some of the girls she’d played with when she was very young, but she barely remembered most of their names either.
The men leaned against the walls, smoking; the smell of marijuana wafting through the air. It was always the same whether it was Monday or Saturday.

Men loitering the streets wearing the latest sneakers and hundred dollar jeans, or souping up their rusted out trucks, while their women and children lived in squalor.
“Hey sweet thing you ready to go for a ride on the Dirk train?” For some reason his cronies found great humor in his pedantic bullshit.
Annabelle didn’t even bother rolling her eyes. Just kept her head straight and put one foot in front of the other as she hurried her step.

She knew it wasn’t good to show fear in front of animals, but these creeps made her skin crawl. Yet another one called out to her and the third went even farther. This walking billboard for the need for good dentistry waltzed right into her path.
“You still holding onto that precious cherry of yours? I wouldna thought you’d keep that shit so long what with that hot ass of yours! Thought for sure some man would’ve busted that shit wide open by now.” He grinned in the general direction of his friends.
“Why don’t you let me and the boys get a little taste? I’ll go easy on you this first time.” He made an obscene gesture with his hips and the peanut gallery started up again with the belly laughs.
She still hadn’t acknowledged him but the closer he got to her face the angrier she became. “You need to step the hell back outta my face.” She moved around him and kept walking. Just a few steps more and she’d be home. He reached his hand out to touch her and she recoiled in total repulsion.

“Do not touch me. If you do that again I’ll call the cops, that’s called harassment. I told you a hundred times before, I’m not interested.” This is why she never left the house. There was always a good bet that some asshole was gonna go on the prowl and she would lose her cool.
It was getting more and more dangerous for her to stay here and she was afraid she was gonna have to take what little money she’d saved for school and get a place of her own instead.
“That’s what all you high and mighty bitches say; but, old Sammy know you don’t mean it. That’s okay though, I got my eye on you. That mother of yours ain’t gonna be around much longer and then you’ll come looking for old Sammy when you get hungry enough.” He was right up in her face now, so close the stench of his breath burned her nose.

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