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New Sneak Peek

I have just uploaded a sneak peek of a new historical romance I’m working on. This story is NOT about multiple wives. It’s a historical based in a time when that was the norm, but as the story unfolds you will see that these two can’t even be with anyone else. As to those asking about Eden High, I don’t feel like writing it at this moment. I have started a few chapters but the interest is just not there. I, of course, will finish it I’m sure, but I will not force the story if it’s not there. I hope this settles the issue.

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1 thought on “New Sneak Peek

  1. The new book sounds fantastic! You can only work on what you are inspired to work on, people need to learn patience. I am a huge fan the Eden High Series but I would hate if it was rushed or pushed out before it was ready.

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