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Happy Weekend Now live

Tyler MacGyver thinks it’s time for a change of pace. The son of a not so law abiding family, after seeing one too many buddies bleed out, he decides it’s time to give up the big city lights for the droll and drum.But you know what they say, you can take the man out of the city but you can’t take the city out of the man. So when the arranged marriage he had lined up falls through, he decides to go to door number two, the younger sister.

Carrie Jade would never go after her sister’s fiancé she’s just not made that way. She’s made up her mind that after the wedding she’s moving far away so that her secret won’t be discovered.From the moment she first lays eyes on the enigmatic Tyler, her innocent little heart goes pitter and patter and she falls victim to a strong case of lust at first sight.He’s unlike any of the men she’s used to in her small town. Strong, handsome, mysterious, with a certain look about him that makes her think of wild days and  driving with the top down.

When things go awry the night before the nuptials, she finds herself being dragged from her family home by a very pissed off Tyler who insists that she’s his new bride. Her only problem now is hiding her true feelings from him and everyone else in town.

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12 thoughts on “Happy Weekend Now live

  1. Omg, momma thank you so much for both books. But you know are greedy azzez done read both……Lol. has Law been doing any talking?you know i miss my man.

  2. Loved both the books amazing as usual. Left my reviews on Amazon

  3. Thanks for The dancer and Heartless!! Both were fantastic and I left a review on Amazon for both!! Have a great weekend Mama B!!

    1. Never mind, I got that book yesterday, jeez I’m so confused. What about Soulless, is that out too?

      1. After sabbat butterfly

  4. Woah, what a nice surprise. Thank you Mama.

      1. Where can I get the other book? Heartless

    1. After sabbatical butterfly you know better lol

      1. I do, like I said I was so confused. I don’t really know how to work Instagram and that was how I was notified.

    2. You don’t get alerts from here?

      1. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t

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