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Now Available

New release from Jordan Silver. Click photo to order from amazon or buy from website




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17 thoughts on “Now Available

  1. If any one is still having a problem buying from amazon, I added it to my wishlist and one clicked it straight from there without opening the full book page. The order went through and I was able to download it on my kindle. Hope that helps someone!

    1. Thanks Vanessa, it worked. Got Jealous Alpha

  2. I was told by Amazon that this book is on hold .something is wrong with it. I will be notified by them when it is cleared for sale

  3. Amazon won’t let me buy it. ☹️

    1. Wont let me buy either just does nothing when clicking on buy

  4. I am having trouble buying from my kindle. Says it isn’t available in the United States

  5. Same issue. I contacted Amazon with an IT person for over 30 minutes. Said they’ll need to investigate further. They said it’s something with the book.

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