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Now available on amazon

For those of you having trouble downloading the book, it is now available on Please click on photo to order from any country where amazon kdp is available.

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4 thoughts on “Now available on amazon

  1. I am not see the book available on amazon Madam Butterfly HELP!

  2. I would love to buy this book. Could I have the title please, so I can switch over my Kindle UK to Kindle Com.

    Thanks Susan

  3. Bought your book from your site and not received it, I will try from amazon and would like a refund please

  4. Just bought your book from Amazon. I love your book. Please don’t stop writing. I have read your comments and just don’t want you to give up. Just very sad companies and people are like they are. Every time you release a new book I run to my kindle and buy. Thank you

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