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Surprise New Release

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7 thoughts on “Surprise New Release

  1. Good story. Only one problem now I’m even more ready for the Seal Team. I had almost, kinda,sorta put it out of my mind…ok I lied I hadn’t put it out my mind.
    I liked Jillian she was a bit ditzy. I like when you make your characters a little bit crazy and funny.

  2. Thanks Jordan!!! Read it and loved it, but now I want more. I know I’m greedy, can’t wait for the Seals, I already preordered.

  3. Thank you Jordan, just finished reading it….. loved it… what an awesome surprise. Thanks again.

  4. Needed my fix of one of your Alphas!

  5. What a nice surprise much appreciated thank you

  6. Thanks, got it. Very nice surprise.

  7. Thanks Jordan got mine

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