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I couldn’t have said it better

This article sums up something I have been trying to say for a very long time. In the past three years more people have stolen my work than have bought it. To all those who are so put out about me not releasing the final book in the SEAL Team series, I’ve tried to explain before, maybe this will do a better job. And while you’re reading, try to imagine your employer asking you to work for free, or not paying you for the work you’ve done. For those of you who don’t get it, who will continue to STEAL I sincerely hope you reap what you sew.

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19 thoughts on “I couldn’t have said it better

  1. I love all of your books and either bought or read through Amazon/Kindle. My only issue since you switched to the new way is that I can’t seem to download correctly after buying. The last book I bought I still haven’t read because I thought I downloaded correctly and then it wouldn’t let me retry. I admit to being technically challenged.

    1. Send me a screen shot of your receipt and I’ll send it to you

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