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Devon and Ariel SEAL Team Seven Books 6&7 The meet

She brought out every protective instinct I have. There was just something so…innocent about her. The guys kept giving her questioning looks, but at the moment I wasn’t interested in anything other than getting her as far away from there as possible.

No one said anything but it didn’t take much to figure out what they were thinking. Who the hell is she? And why did her father keep her so well hidden?

While my brothers played around on their handhelds trying to find information on her, I was busy taking in all the nuances of having her near.

She had a weird calming affect on me, almost like baby Zak does when she’s not harassing me about something.

I drew her scent into me and just for now, let myself enjoy having her near. It would be so easy to open that locked off part of me and let this one in.

I gritted my teeth and pulled back when my mind went there. Instead I took her hand in mine as I looked out at the dark.

No Devon, don’t do it. She’s too delicate, too everything that you shouldn’t have. But for one small moment I allowed myself to think what if.

I satisfied myself with a soft kiss on her forehead and closed my eyes as she sighed and burrowed into me.

I caught Logan’s look over her head and pulled back again. Fucker stared at me until I looked away and ignored his ass.

I tried rousing her when we reached the airstrip but she didn’t budge. Quinn opened my door and waited for me to pass her off to him and I knew I was fucked when I didn’t want him to touch her.

He grinned and took her from me and I was out of the car in two seconds flat, taking her out of his arms and holding her close to my chest again.

She felt right there, her hair ticking my nose, her amazing scent intoxicating. There were whispers and murmurings but hopefully they were discussing the case and not what was going on with me.

I had to carry her from the car to the plane and belt her in. How the hell was she sleeping? I sat next to her and laid my head back suddenly tired as fuck. Once again she shifted until her head was on my shoulder.

The whole way, from the time we left her home until we landed on that island I was tense. Because of all the secrecy surrounding her there was a new fear in my gut. A fear that hasn’t been there since I was a child.

For the first time in years I let myself think of who I used to be before my life changed so drastically. That boy would’ve deserved someone like her.

I don’t know how I knew it, but I knew that she was all that was good. I could see my sisters corrupting her, tarnishing some of that sweetness, turning her into one of them.

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60 thoughts on “Devon and Ariel SEAL Team Seven Books 6&7 The meet

  1. I can’t wait to read the whole thing
    I love how it keeps my suspense

  2. Excited can’t wait mama b are you going to do a book for Track he so deserves one

  3. Loved the Alpha feel, it is a slow lead in, but suspense always keeps me hooked hoping/knowing it will work out. The hopeless Romantic in me does. Don’t drag it out too long – it’s one of the things I love about your work, enough suspense to keep me wanting for more, but good alpha caveman and erotic fantasy to not want to put it down.

  4. Yes, it is quite a slow burn but I can still feel the passion and the intensity. That said, if it’s too slow, it will make me sleepy. 😛

  5. Oh my so good can’t wait to read the whole thing

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