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Devon and Ariel SEAL Team Seven Books 6&7 The meet

Had they also felt this fear in the gut the way I now did? Had they questioned everything they’d ever known, ever believed? Just from that one look into their woman’s eyes?

And there you have it. The reason Tyler’s been calling them all bitch made. I sure wasn’t feeling very manly right about now. But if he knew what it was then it was obvious that he felt it too. Idiot!

I was waiting for one of the others to say something, ask the obvious questions anything, since I seemed to have lost my damn senses. But it looked like they were still letting me run the show.

Maybe they hadn’t picked up on the fact that I was losing my shit, and I didn’t want them to. So I got my shit together and tried to remember at least some of what I’d been trained to do.

But then she looked at me with the most open smile I’d ever seen, and the dimples in her cheeks were the last fucking straw.

I wanted to reach out and touch her, just dip my finger into that pit in her cheek. Dimples are like my weakness. I’ve always been a sucker for them and hers were fucking perfect.

I shook my head to clear it before I felt Quinn’s hand on my shoulder. I steadied myself, wondering the whole time what the fuck was wrong with me.

“Honey, remember what we talked about earlier? No there’s no reason to be afraid.” He calmed her when she became flustered.

“These men are here to take you to somewhere safe. I’ll come get you soon, it won’t be long okay little one? I promise.”

“Dad, what the hell are you talking about?”

“Not now son I’ll tell you later.” The young man didn’t seem too pleased with that answer but he had enough discipline to hold his peace.

She looked around at us and there were tears in her eyes. She was obviously an adult, maybe nineteen-twenty, but she seemed way more innocent than someone her age.

There was still one glaring question hanging in the air. How come she didn’t show up on the radar. “And you are?” I reached out my hand for hers and she finally focused on me up close and personal.

My gut went into a spin and I nose dived right into the abyss. She was fucking gorgeous. The tears in her eyes made them shine like some otherworldly creature.

There was a look in them that made my heart melt in my chest. Sadness, fear, confusion. I drew her towards me before I could help myself.

“Ariel!” She said her name like a whisper on the wind and I heard chiming bells and waterfalls. “Ariel!” I didn’t realize I’d said it out loud until I heard it come back to me on a whisper.

Behind me the others were putting her name into one of our little toys to look her up. I only heard Mancini say one thing, “nothing”, which was all the answer I needed. She wasn’t in anyone’s database.

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60 thoughts on “Devon and Ariel SEAL Team Seven Books 6&7 The meet

  1. I can’t wait to read the whole thing
    I love how it keeps my suspense

  2. Excited can’t wait mama b are you going to do a book for Track he so deserves one

  3. Loved the Alpha feel, it is a slow lead in, but suspense always keeps me hooked hoping/knowing it will work out. The hopeless Romantic in me does. Don’t drag it out too long – it’s one of the things I love about your work, enough suspense to keep me wanting for more, but good alpha caveman and erotic fantasy to not want to put it down.

  4. Yes, it is quite a slow burn but I can still feel the passion and the intensity. That said, if it’s too slow, it will make me sleepy. 😛

  5. Oh my so good can’t wait to read the whole thing

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