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Surprise New Release

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Pre Order Live

They had a pact. SEAL Team Seven, seven men who had formed an unbreakable bond while fighting to protect their country. None of them would marry until their service to home and country had been fulfilled. Now five of the brothers have found love, smack dab in the middle of them trying to chase down a madman who’s out to destroy them and everything they love.

As the only two left standing, Quinn and Devon decided that their job now was to protect their brothers and their women. Though they got a kick out of watching the by-play between their brothers and their new sisters, neither man believed that life was for him.

Quinn, who has a special gift that he keeps hidden from everyone but his brothers, didn’t think he’d ever fall into the marriage trap. What woman would saddle herself with someone with his history?

Then in the middle of the night he’s awakened by his senses to the threat of danger. Since none of his family is in imminent danger, he can find no reason for his ‘gift’ to show up now.

When the feeling persists, and he follows his mind, it leads him to the woman who would win his heart with just one look at her. When she turns out to be the daughter of one of his old commander’s closest friends, the mystery only deepens.

Kelly knew that one day her daddy’s time in the Navy was going to come back to bite her in the rear end. Home from college for the summer, she’s looking forward to some relaxation in the small town where she’d been born and raised, after the hustle and bustle of the city. But that all changes when she’s snatched and dragged across three states.

She doesn’t know what’s going on but she knows one thing, she’s not going down without a fight. When she sees the figure off in the distance on the beach as her kidnappers are dragging her into the fog, she makes a run for it, and right into the arms of her destiny.

Devon’s getting a kick out of the way his brothers had all fallen. Then his new sisters started whispering behind their hands and keeping him in their sights and he knew they were plotting his demise. Thankfully he and his brothers were embroiled in a dangerous game of cat and mouse that helped take the heat off.

After they rescue Quinn’s woman from traffickers on the beach, she’s overheard mentioning another grab the kidnappers have planned and they head off to California to rescue the son of another one of the commander’s old team mates.

Only when they get there there’s a surprise waiting. A surprise that will turn Devon’s world upside down and make him question the life he’d had planned for himself.

Ariel Samson is a woman of mystery. Raised in secret her whole life, she doesn’t show up in anyone’s database. The men and their friends who have banded together to help them take care of the threat are left scrambling to put the pieces of who she is together.

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Devon and Ariel SEAL Team Seven Books 6&7 The meet

Hello butterflies, I need some input. As we know mama’s into insta love, but Devon developed a little differently. I’m doing a final run through before putting the book up for pre-order and I needed your feedback since you are the ones who will be reading this story. It’s my first time really writing the slow burn type situation so let me have it…be gentle.



Chapter 31



The younger man, who I recognized once his face came into the light as Track, came to stand next to his dad.

It was more like he shielded the older man with his body, but he did it in such a smooth strategic way, that someone without my training would’ve missed it.

I wasn’t sure until now how I felt about the kid, seeing as he was a damn criminal. But that move solidified him in my estimation.

That and the way he sized up the rest of us without seeming to. And there was no fear in him. He kinda reminded me of a younger me after I’d got out from under my uncle’s thumb. Puffed up with my own strength.

I moved forward while the others hung back a bit still having that feeling in my gut like something was awry. I didn’t feel like we’d walked into a trap, but there was definitely something nagging at me.

“Did you explain things to him?” I kept my eyes on the old man but could feel the tension coming off his son. He wasn’t saying shit, but his body said a lot.

“He’s not the one you’re here for.” I sensed as much as heard Lo move behind me.

“I’m sorry? I was under the impression that you spoke to the admiral…”

“Of course I spoke to Mac. Had I not you would’ve gotten a completely different reception. But like I said, my son’s not the one you’re here for.”

“I don’t understand, the pattern here is kids…”

“Yes I know but….” Before he could say more his son all but placed himself between the two of us and got in my face.

“What the fuck do you want with my sister?” I didn’t let the surprise show in my eyes, but I’m gonna gut Mancini’s ass for sending us in blind. I knew some shit was wrong with this picture.

First off, until his name showed up in those codes we’d never heard of Terrence Samson. We knew the other men or had heard of them in some way over the years, this guy was a complete surprise.

If we’d had more time we probably would’ve learned more, but there was no use going over that shit again, we were here now.

I finally switched my attention to the boy while the rest of the team came to grips with this new turn of events. I didn’t have to hear them to know what they were thinking.

At least it made sense now that he had a daughter, but why hadn’t we seen anything about her in the search? Another question for later.

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I couldn’t have said it better

This article sums up something I have been trying to say for a very long time. In the past three years more people have stolen my work than have bought it. To all those who are so put out about me not releasing the final book in the SEAL Team series, I’ve tried to explain before, maybe this will do a better job. And while you’re reading, try to imagine your employer asking you to work for free, or not paying you for the work you’ve done. For those of you who don’t get it, who will continue to STEAL I sincerely hope you reap what you sew.

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